Thursday, July 28, 2016

Seek and Find.

I've been taking a little hiatus lately, ok-I've been being lazy and blaming it on jet lag and culture shock. In all honesty, the jet lag is real, the culture shock, well, I've been married to my Vietnamese hubby for 15 years (!!!) this August, so culture shock might be pushing it.

But I'm ba-ack... I'm feeling good and inspired and excited. It might have helped that my momma and I had a conversation this morning that changed my whole perspective. I've been feeling some anxiety lately and not wanting to adult anymore. I guess you could say I've been, what my sister-in-law calls, entertaining thoughts of escapism. Escapism, which according to google is defined as:

  1. the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

    And I couldn't agree more. I've been dreaming of the simplicity of childhood, you know- when parents took care of everything and we little people had nothing to worry about. I actually mentioned it to my friends that I'd like to live in a world where unicorns existed (and I was serious). But that just isn't reality. So I guess I need to buck buttercup, pull my socks up, and get back to reality and back to work.  

    I was looking for an easy way out of circumstances beyond my control, and I know that way out, I know that I need to go to God with my issues, (if you've read my previous posts, apparently I'm not learning this lesson very quickly). I had to take a few moments and repent for wasting so much time trying to find solutions for circumstances completely out of my control- Instead of casting all of my cares on Him, instead of giving it all to God, I had been trying to find solutions. If you need some encouragement about how we are to deal with anxieties and fears, here's a fewPsalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7,  Matthew 11:28, Philippians 4:6-7,  John 16:33, Romans 8:28, Psalm 62:8, and there are so many more.

    How is it that I am back here again? How is it that this lesson, one I know the answer too, is one that I am continually struggling with?

    So this one is for me... Missie, seek and you'll find...  

    Are you looking for peace? Seek. Are you looking for Hope? Seek. Are you looking for answers? Seek. Stop trying to find a solution and seek God, He is the solution.

    Share the love, and happy seeking.

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