Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Antsy in my Pantsy!

Do you get antsy when the seasons change? I do, I've got pent-up energy and no idea what to do with it! So I try to funnel it into a project, and then I end up frustrated because honestly, it's not the right time. I feel on edge like I've had too much coffee, and I can't seem to relax. The Holiday season is coming and I feel like I am living for the future waiting until I can decorate, and start to "enjoy" it... 

Do you feel me? Are you there too? are we in this crazy weird whirlwind together? Ok, I hear you... I know what we've got to do... we've got to RELAX. Like, really relax. Not lounge about, but just be in the moment breathe it in, and breathe it out. (I know, easier said than done, trust me, I know, I feel you)

As a beautiful reminder to you... below is a desktop background to keep you grounded during these antsy days of anticipation...

If you are a worrier around the holidays or live in nostalgia like I do... I have learned some tips and tricks to help me get through the holidays and keep my emotions in check, you can find that here: My Merry Christmas List.

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Just Breathe 1920x1080

Monday, October 4, 2021

Grateful for Changes, and for things that stay the same...

Well, it has been a minute, I hope you are doing well in these very weird and uncertain times. Covid has taken its toll on all of us and we are just plain tired. Tired of rules, tired of people getting sick and dying, tired of constantly washing our hands (honestly I've never been so clean in my life- sorry to everyone I ever shook hands with before our world was thrown into a global pandemic). 

With all of those regulations, and forced staying home, I'm happy to say the first year I made the most of it and gained 30 lbs... ha! I know, I ate, I drank, I felt sorry for myself, and for everyone else- it. was. weird.

The second year, I decided I was going to do it differently, so I've lost 76 pounds (including the 30 I gained in 2020), I've revamped my business, I've opened an online shop, which I am so proud of, and I am trying to figure out my life as a blogger. I know I know, I have made promises that I could not keep, I promised I'd be here more, and I was not, I promised I'd do better, and I did not. I'm sorry. I'm human, and if you've been reading along for the past 7 years of my blog posts, you would know I can only white knuckle so much at a time.

But all of that to say, things will be moving and shaking up here, I am not sure where this blog is headed, I know it's full of my heart and soul. It has and is a bright spot in my life, it was my road to healing. The words I shared with you, the stories you shared with me, the people I connected with... the worlds that collided on a little platform called blogger... You are all part of me. And for that, I am so incredibly grateful.

So while I am transitioning onto new things, and holding this blog dear, I would love for you to journey with me... I don't know where I am going, but you are more than welcome to come along. We'll get there together, and together we will know when we have arrived. The ebb and flow of life, if we pay attention to it, really does allow us to grow and change in the most beautiful ways... 2021 is a year of transition for me, in so many ways... and 2022 holds new and exciting things for all of us.

Hope is on the horizon, fix your eyes on those positive things, hold tight to your dreams, and let's move forward...

Here's to new beginnings, new challenges, and new projects!

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In light of Canadian Thanksgiving coming faster than I'd like to admit... I think you might love this print... check it out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Scared to Death, and Saddling up Anyway.

 Do you get a word for the year? Something that defines your year, keeps you on track and motivates you?

I do. This year my word is "Yes!".  I can tell you- I say it with less excitement than I just wrote it- Ha! and  right off the bat, IT freaks me out. Why? Because my favourite response is "we'll see" with hopes that whatever was requested - just fizzles out. But not this year- this year I am saying yes to projects and activities that scare me. 

Last weekend I was asked to speak at a publishers conference, talking about Inspiring the book within. How exciting, and omgggggg freak me out scary! I am not a public speaker, although I can do it, I do however often let my nerves get the best of me. But guess what, I did it! I survived, and I participated in the entire conferences instead of ducking in and out for my session. We live in a world where connections are not happening as easily as they once did, I am a very relational person, I love people, and I had the best time getting to know new people. How exciting! (I wasn't going to stay for all of the sessions, because I was scared that I was going to get more nervous, knowing what they talked about, and what if I am not as good as they are, and what if... what if.... what... ) 

Ha! Guess what my talk was on- Creativity: Consistency (the more you do), Collaboration (don't compare, collaborate), Courage (it takes COURAGE to show up, to share- to give, to show your work)

I got convicted by my own talk last Wednesday when I was refining my talk- and I had to take my own advise and show up, and be there, and listen and learn, and not compare, but instead collaborate with the other speakers in bringing a conference filled with inspiration and encouragement to move people to the next step of their writing process... 

Guess what, we are all created with different gifts, to be used different ways, even if it looks like someone has already done what you desire to do, do it anyway- yours will be different ( I am not talking bout copying other's work- do your own) if you have a desire to create something, create it, don't look around at what other's are doing, just do you! 

All of this to encourage you to do the hard things, do the thing that scares you- I've talked about this before often it only takes 10 seconds of courage to ask for what you need, to press send, to start a new project and to do something new... 10 seconds of courage. I'm here to encourage you to embrace the 10 seconds of courage, and just do it.

Whatever it is you are working on, share it, show it, be proud of it! You are doing awesome! 

Here are a couple of cute prints from my talk last this past weekend!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

MIA to say the least.

I have been MIA to say the least- I mean I am not missing in action per se, I am literally sitting in my house, if you need me you can find me! yet I am feeling very lost. 

I guess I haven't been here for about 8 months, which really sucks, and I am positive that my previous post said that I would be trying to be more present. I guess I lied. I haven't tried, I haven't even thought about it. That kind of makes me feel terrible, but in reality- this is a weird time, and people are all reacting differently. 

Let's be perfectly honest, it's not like I was blogging much before Covid, so I can't really blame it on that- I can only blame it on myself, and choices that I have made.

Should I even say that I am going to try harder,? You know when you have a friend that has, let's say a nail shop. You love them dearly, and every time you see them you tell them "oh yes, I need to make an appointment, I need to drop in and get my nails done!" Yet you haven't, and you probably won't. Of course you say it with the best of intentions, but you know that you don't get your nails done, so you won't be going- Yet you still say this every time you see them. Stop it. - I had to, and I had to apologize to my friend for basically lying to her. 

So I guess  my answer is- I'm not going to tell you I am going to try harder, because I am not sure I will. 


I have been working on other things, I have been following my dream of being a picture book maker.

In the past 3 year, I have illustrated 7 picture books- 2 of which I also wrote. I am so focused and thoroughly enjoying using my gifts, and my education to create content in a world that will I believe never give up on books, because books are magic.

I am so excited to be on this journey, I get to work with other people, and help them realize their dreams, it makes my heart sing!

So amidst all of this crazy cover chaos, I hope you are following your dreams, I hope you are working towards your goals- Even if your goal is merely to survive this, get up in the morning, and survive the day. I mean-  I'm having to give myself stickers in my agenda on the days I shower, and the days I go out for a walk. Fingers crossed today is a gold star day- Ps. if you think gold stars are not a motivator for adults, try giving yourself some when you do something you are proud of- you'll see!

I'm going to share a link with you where you can download 3 free prints- Strong, Brave and FEARLESS... these are children's prints from my latest book!

There are colouring pages, printable, activities for the kiddos, and great stuff there.

And for those of you who need a little downtime and self care, here is a colouring page for you :) 

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Colouring page
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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Home Sweet Home.

Edrisa and I <3  our little frowny boy is growing up and look at that smile <3 This is the little guy that we support, if we could we would double, triple, quadruple that support and send as much as possible to this baby home. I cannot stress how these lives are being changed because of your generosity when you donate to download, and because of Momma Fay and her dedication to these children. 
Home Sweet home, I don't know if I promised I'd blog or not on our recent trip to visit Edrisa and the baby home... either way, I did not. I was too busy painting, playing, chatting, living. What an awesome experience to revisit the children and just love on them. Here are some updated photos of our boy,  Edrisa, and his brother's and sisters at the baby home... not too many are babies anymore.

Momma Fay is raising up the next generation, and let me tell you- I only know I am getting older because these kids are getting older... surreal. I get how a parent keeps track of time- because with no kids, me and the hubby are still 23 and 27 forever <3

While we were there my Mom and I painted decorations for the new baby home, taught in the classroom, loved on the kids, painting with the children, did activities with the kids after school, and just loved on them and enjoyed them. What an experience to share with my mom.

I got just about enough hugs to hold me over until next time... which is going to be in the near future. Last time it took 5 years to return, this time I am hoping and praying it will take way less. Planning for our future trip back is something I've already started!

Edrisa and I
Edrisa and his Fanta

Kids are Kids no matter where 


We painted their personal boxes,
so they would have a save place to keep their treasure.
Each older child has 2 or 3 littles that they will share their box with. These children understand the importance of sharing, and caring for other. It blesses my heart to see the generosity of children who do not have everything, yet willing to give so much.

my mom doing what she does best, teaching and loving on children and other teachers.

we took a day of rest and visited Lake Mburo National Park 

check out those horns. Check out the heart on her head, check out the baby checking us out.

I got to paint decorations for the new baby home

my mom might have fallen in love

children ARE a gift from God.

Saying goodby is NEVER easy

Someone was reading her new book.

new pillow cases sewn and donated by Gigi <3 

in all my glory, overalls, plaid shirt, paint up to my elbows.


after church on Sunday we all piled into 1 vehicle and went for sodas- yes 1 vehicle, you count :)

Everyone loves a Stoney <3 a Strong Ginger soda.- so good.
 If you would like to donate to this baby home, you can do so through our blog,  Donate button or you can visit and choose to donate monthly, or even a days worth of milk for the kids. You will be surprised at how far a "dinner out" will go when changing these lives.  It costs about 130$ a month for each child-  that might be a little steep for your budget, and I get that, but you can choose a smaller amount to donate, and working together we can achieve our goal of fully supporting Edrisa, and ultimate every child in this home.

I am so grateful that we had this opportunity to visit and serve in anyway we could... I cannot wait to return- more painting is on the agenda- the walls will be plastered soon, and they will need huge colourful murals- I'm starting to plan that trip already!

I hope you know how much I appreciate all of you who donate to download, and those who give to help support Edrisa, and his brother's and sisters...

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