Thursday, February 28, 2019


Is is almost over? winter... maybe, but February is... the sun is shining, and I am going to take my little mutt out for a nice long walk this afternoon. There is nothing like going shack-wacky because you work from home. I look around and there are a million and one things to do and my motivation to do them is zero!

Let's talk motivation for a moment... where does it come from? where do we get it? how do we get it? and can I get some please? I'm not sure you can summons up motivation, I kind of think it's something that hits, but also maybe motivation is birthed in momentum. Does slowly moving forward keep me moving forward? like a snowball effect... tiny little baby steps? Like the beautiful Tanzanian proverb...

"little by little, a little becomes a lot."

Is that how it goes? Is that what becomes motivation, momentum? I'm asking because I don't have the answer, if I had the answer I'd sure as heck share it. We all need it, we all want it, does anyone know where to get it? - asking for a friend. Ya right. I'm asking for me.

What I do know is that one small step forward, is one small step forward. If we take one small step every day we will actually get somewhere. So here is to one small step forward, and believing the Tanzanian proverb... little by little, (little steps, little bits of vegetables, little bits of writing, little bits of time carved out for self care, little bits of exercise, little bits of courage, tiny steps in the direction you want to go)(a little becomes a lot (even though our steps are small, we will reach our goal).

Share the love, little by little!

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Just Brew You :) 

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Do over?

Let's just say I need a do over. 2019 started way too fast for me... and I can't quite keep up. Not that I am so busy there is so much to do, but just that I am feeling weird, not like myself, and kinda grumpy. Go figure!

A new year a NEW YOU! nope, new year, same me... Although I have made a conscious decisions to restart today. Yup, on a Thursday, in some obscure week of the year, nothing special about it, just my do over day.

LostBumblebee ©2019 MDBN Nash Brownstone #hava_nash, havanese, puppy
2019- Nash Brownstone... Havanese Puppy-
Look at that face... don't let it fool you...
he's a tiny tyrant at the moment :) 
So, here is to a new year! I'm planning to fill this year with tons of productivity, finish illustrating my second author illustrated book. I cannot wait. I'm hoping to grow our new puppy into a well behaved adult dog- so he can participate in my everyday life at home and abroad. He's 13 weeks people... 13 weeks means he has entered his tweens and is challenging me at every corner... but he's so damned sweet when he wants to be... let's just hope I can convince him he wants to be sweet all of the time. Oh and potty training... it's tough yo! like hard stuff. But he can sit, and lay down, so winning?

All of this to say today is a new day, I am starting over! Every day, every morning is an opportunity to restart, refresh, reconsider, and re do. We are not locked into our past, we are free to make changes, create new spaces, move away and towards new things, challenges... we are the caretakers of our lives... we have the power to change things...

What do you need to start over?
Share the love,

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve 2018

Well it's Christmas Eve 2018...and I am not feeling christmassy at all... I keep telling myself, write your list, Missie, you know yourself write your list... and yet I am still sitting here not writing my list.

For those of you who follow along on this blog, you know that yearly I write a list of my expectations of Christmas. I do this because I am, like many of you, extremely nostalgic over the holidays, and when I feel it hasn't met my expectations, there is a big emotional let down, and I feel upset, frustrated, depressed, sorry for myself... and the list goes on.

So this is a reminder to myself, Missie, WRITE YOUR LIST... trust me, write your list... if you need a gentle reminder to write your list to safe guard your heart, then this note is for you too...
Write your list, trust me... write your list.

Share the love,

And also because I love this print, it is available for sale up on my etsy shop, but today it's here... just for you :)

©LostBumblebee2017 | Free Printable | Christmas | Glory to God | Bible Verse | PERSONAL USE ONLY.
©LostBumblebee 2017 | Free printable | Personal Use Only.
Glory to God | Luke 2:14

Monday, September 10, 2018

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice...

Oh it's that time of year again, it's getting chilly, the season is changing, and I am so excited! One of the things I missed most about living in Vietnam was the seasons didn't change- oh yes we got the rainy season and the dry season, but both seasons were hot, hot, hot. In Canada this is the season where there is a chill in the air, everything smells fresh, leaves crunch underfoot, and I am always on the hunt for something warm to drink... It's that time of year sweaters come out, socks go on, and we hunker down for simple, cozy activities... books, puzzles, tea with friends... it doesn't get much better than this...

And let's not forget... it's pumpkin spice season... pumpkin spice, and everything nice!
What's your favourite season?

Share the love,

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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Just Brew You.

Last week I broke the glass in my french press. Not Fun, in anyway shape or form. I have become a coffee snob- it's a little ridiculous. I take my own brewing mechanism, as well as my own coffee, freshly ground and ready to go, with me when we travel. I tell people it's because I don't want to wake them up rooting around for coffee, plus I'm a little bit of a morning bird.

I like to wake up when the house is quiet, I need (lots) alone time, and I carve that into my mornings, but that is only part of it. I know I can always find a pot to boil water in, if there is no kettle around... and perhaps the real reason- I just love great coffee and what other people think is great coffee versus what I think is great coffee are two sometimes very different things. (I'm told the older I get the less I will care about these things, I am sure that is true, but for now, please don't be offended when I break out my french press and my coffee when you offer me a Keurig cup- sorry Mom- yup, I'll be bringing my gear!)

I'm that person. That weirdo. I've taken my favourite coffee all over the world, I've taken selfies with my favourite coffee all over the world. I've purchased French presses in China and Uganda... broke them both. So I finally bit the bullet and bought a stainless steel french press that makes me so happy, and will travel well!

Are you a weirdo coffee brewer like me? do you have your quirks?
No matter how you brew it, just brew you. Do it the way you like it, of course I rarely turn down coffee of any kind, I'm always on the hunt for that perfect cup that someone else has brewed...

How do you brew your coffee? What do you Brew?

I'm a Kicking Horse Coffee lover, and my Brew is 454 Horsepower in my new stainless French Press- nope this is not a paid post, just a love song to my favourite brew...

Share the love, we are all very curious!

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Just Brew You
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