Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Every Day is an Adventure

I didn't want to be silent, I didn't want to say nothing, let the lines go dead... but I did... It isn't because I wasn't thinking of posting a printable, or wanting to post one... it's just that time, that crazy little thing called time, literally slipped through my finger tips into the abyss... and now here I am... posting for the first time in what feels like forever... and posting about Adventure.

It is so true, every day is an adventure, life is an adventure, no matter how many times I want to pack up and leave my reality, escape the adulting, hole up in a shack somewhere in the the hills over looking the water and owe nothing to anyone... no schedule, no work, no responsibilities... but alas, that is probably never going to happen and I think I'm ok with that... maybe... maybe not. 

Most people who know me, see me as an extrovert, and basically that is because I love to have fun, hang with my friends and make LOTS of noise... but in all reality, this girl is an introvert, I can be social with people and lots of them, if I've had lots of time to myself, to reflect, breathe, and recoup. 

We've been home for almost 2 weeks and I have loved every minute of my time with my family and my friends (although my friends have been left out this time around due to that thing called Life, and what I'm choosing to call adventure?  I'd say 48 hours after the plane landed life started happening... the tree on our front lawn decided it needed a break from the weight of one of its branches and dropped it, onto the road, onto my neighbours car, seriously? Yup. 

It has been one thing after another, I keep repeating to myself, this too shall pass... this too shall pass, and then I keep waking up in a ball of stress and wondering WHEN will this pass?

Does that happen as we get older? I feel like I am less able to deal with crap that happens, I mean stuff that you buy insurance for- for years, and years, and years- hoping and praying to never have to use it. I keep telling myself, That's what it's for, and I calm down, only to wake up again stressed... 

...and now that I am writing this and thinking about this, I know exactly what is going on... I've failed to take it all to God in prayer... I failed to run to the rock, throw my cares on Him and breathe... I've tried to make it all work, fix it all myself, when I truly needed help... When I needed Him the most, I decided to do it all myself. How can I possibly expect a peaceful sleep and a peaceful outcome if I haven't gone to the peace maker...

(Interlude I literally stopped writing and prayed... Do you need to stop and give it all to God- what is stressing you out, have you taken the time to share it with Him? if not, I'm going to encourage you to do that...)

These are the lyrics that came to my heart- this will be the song that I sing all day:
I go to the rock of my salvation
I go to the stone that the builders rejected
I run to the mountain and the mountain stands by me
When the earth all around me is sinking sand 
On Christ the solid rock I stand 
When I need a shelter 
When I need a friend I go to the rock

Lyrics by: Dottie Rambo

So on this adventure called life... Go to the rock... 'cause life is an adventure, and not always a peaceful one... Go to the Rock... Share your heart, your hurts, and your joy.

Share the love,

Ps. This post was not at all what it was suppose to be, instead of it being a fun and light post of encouragement it is an open letter from my heart, it is a little journey... and as raw as I feel, and as exposed as I feel to share my spiritual journey, literally... in the moment, well here it is.

LostBumblebee©2016 MDBN : Every Day is an Adventure : Printable : home Decor : LostBumblebee Graphics : : personal use only.
LostBumblebee©2016 MDBN : Every Day is an Adventure
 personal use only.

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