Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Going Back.

Can you actually go back? To a time and place where all seemed well in the world... I don't think so, I think things change. I believe we constantly look back at memories and times gone by, through rose coloured glasses. We choose to forget all of the issues happening at that time and remember only the good things. I don't think that is a bad thing, I just think, being a very nostalgic person, that it can be dangerous for me.

So today, I'm lonesome for Vietnam and our life there, it seemed simple... but instead of wishing I were there, or longing for those days,  I brewed myself a little Vietnamese coffee and I'm enjoying one of the things I loved most while inVietnam-  right here and now in my pjs, on our couch, in our new place.

I drink the same brand of coffee now, as I did in Vietnam. I used to pack Kicking Horse Coffee 454 Horsepower by the kilo, so technically it's exactly the same thing- but I brewed it differently there.

Here in Canada, I throw it in my coffee maker and let it go, a pout of 6 cups, bubbling away in 5 minutes all 6 cups are ready, and I am ready for it. But there... it was time consuming, brewed one cup at a time, lots of waiting... but oh my goodness it never disappointed. Today I am enjoying the perfect cup of coffee...Brewed like in our Vietnam home.

So do I think we can go back? no... I think the past is only perfect in our minds. But do I believe we can enjoy the past, think about it, relive happy memories? YES!  I am so totally nostalgic for things gone by that when I catch myself longing... I have to remind myself, that here and now is the place to be... the past was awesome, but also gone... the future is bright and beautiful, but this moment, right here, sipping my coffee, is the place to be. So be right here.

Happy Tuesday!
Be here now.
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