Monday, May 1, 2017

...And knows them all by name.

Do you ever feel like a tiny spec in a big wide world... Wondering if what you are doing even matters...

Guess what? It really does matter, who you are, that thing you do, it all really does matter. You matter. The day you were born the world changed. It changed forever. You being here has changed and altered the entire course of history and the future. YOU matter.

I am knee deep in the Psalms, and I can't seem to get enough... those little nuggets of gold... this little nugget of gold.

He counts the stars and He knows them by name... Do you know how many stars are out there? Do you know they all have a name? Do you know God knows their names, and even more so, He knows your name.

Yup Jenn, He knows your name. Sarah, He knows your name.  Stacy- He knows. Sandy- He knows you. Jessica He knows your name. Kyla, He knows your name. Chris, He knows your name. Terri, He knows your name. Jason He knows your name. Cybil, He knows your name. Anna, He knows your name. Ryanne, He knows your name. Starla, He knows your name. Roxanne, He knows your name. Van, He knows your name. Elizabeth, He knows your name. Jeanne, He knows your name. Marie, He knows your name. Bree, He knows your name, He knows you. Matt, He knows your name.

He knows Your name... you are not insignificant in this giant universe... He knows your name.

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