Friday, April 28, 2017


I've been reading through the Psalms lately, how beautiful are these soul cries. I used to think the Psalms were all happy and uplifting style verses, all pretty and wrapped up in a nice little bow. As I read through them, and I read them out loud- I'm not ashamed to admit I was totally wrong. Not about all of them, but a lot of them are desperate cries for help... kind of like the cries that I make, just in different words... mine sound a little like this, "God, you've gotta do something, because this is impossible, and nothing I can do will ever make it better". "Oh God, I need you, this is insane". "Seriously God? you think I'll survive this? cause I feel like I'm going to die... You do it".

As I read these over, I can hear a 4 year old telling her dad... "no, you do it" and sometimes- ok often, I am that 4 year old throwing my hands up and saying "God, you do it. I can't"

These lyrics are serious cries from a desperate soul, one feeling overwhelmed, scared, angry, frustrated, happy, excited, anxious... yup sounds a little bit like me sometimes. But reading through them, I am finding nuggets of gold, little heart songs-just for me- and you,  how can I possibly not share?

Here is one of my favourites at this moment in my life...

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