Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer Wanderlust

Do you get that bug for a road trip, or running away sometimes? I do, I wonder if mine is more of a running away thing, than a road trip thing most days... remember that escapism I talked about a few days ago... Ya, it's probably that.  But I digress...

These are fun, summer prints, full of wanderlust and beauty. They scream summer, sunshine, and salt water.

Did you know that the word Aloha and Mahalo, are more than just words? Did you know they are blessings? I just learned this...

[Ma = In] + [ = breath] + [alo = presence, front, face]"(May you be) in (Divine) Breath."
And when I think of it, I think of... may you stand in front of the Devine... The one and only, may the God of the universe see you, know you, love you.
[Alo = presence, front, face] + [ = breath]A"The presence of (Divine) Breath."
And when I think of Aloha, I think of The Devine is here, present with us, all around us, and in us. It's a beautiful way to greet someone.

When I start to learn the definitions of words, it changes my vocabulary. We lived in Quebec Canada for over 10 years, where French is the first language, and I had to relearn a lot of french just to survive in our little town. In the beginning I would always greet people with a simple Bonjour... which means good day. But then one day it clicked, there is also another greeting "Salut"  which in typical every day French means Hi. Sounds innocent enough, but then I remembering hearing about the "Armée du Salut" which is the Salvation Army... and I looked a little closer at the word Salut- and it means Salvation.  So now when I greet people, I greet them with a friendly 'Salut'... a blessing...

Another one that I learned, was after a Merci! or  thank you in Quebec we have three choices: 1. De rien (which means 'it's nothing'), then there is the colloquial 2. Bienvenue (which translates to 'Welcome'), and then there is a third option which is old French, 3. Je vous en pris... (which literally translates to, 'I'm praying for you')... so guess which one I use?

I find it so fun to learn about language and use it with purpose... what are some of your favourite words that you use intentionally with purpose and blessing? Do you choose your words, or do your words choose you?

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