Friday, August 5, 2016

15 Years.

Missie and Duy Vietnam 2016
I can't believe we've been married for 15 years. I remember when we first got married and we met a couple who had been married for 8 year and were just starting to talk about starting a family and I asked them... what do you do for 8 year with no kids? Well, low and behold, we got to find out.

I keep thinking to myself, what the heck have we been doing for the past 15 years with no kids? Well... living. Being grateful and full of gratitude for the crazy stuff we have done. It has been amazing! Now, don't get me wrong, it has also been stressful, overwhelmingly frustrating, and glorious all at the same time.

Do we fight, oh yes- like Ali and Fraser, or McGregor and Diaz... yes, we have our moments, and no they aren't easy... The best advice we got, and love to give to everyone, even if not solicited, because it was just that good... is this;

Will this matter in 25 years? if not, let it go... if so, touch gloves and have a clean fight. 

(I add the touch gloves and have a clean fight, because I am married to a warrior, an MMA loving man, which means I know way too much about the sport... I know, I know... I've let us all down ladies :)

So what have I learned in the past 15 years of marriage? you'd think my answer would be "a lot"... But actually I know a whole lot less now than I did when I had been married for a year. It's like my knowledge has gone backward - or at least now, I am smart enough to know that I don't know everything, or much of anything really. But what I do know, is that marriage isn't easy, it doesn't solve problems - it kinda creates more... But it is totally worth it.

So as an old married couple... I'll leave you other married couples with these words I shared on my Facebook page as a thank you to all the Anniversary wishes we got and as an encouragement to support your friends and family in their marriage and celebrate their milestones... and celebrate your own... you've worked to get where you are... don't forget that.

Birthdays are awesome, because the world changed the day you were born- But there is something different about an Anniversary. You are not guaranteed to arrive at it, they don't JUST happen, you have to work your tail off to make it WORK. 

You are no longer just celebrating a passing year or a simple accomplishment, but instead you are celebrating something you've fought for. So for me, our anniversary is so important.

Thanks for supporting us in our marriage, praying for us, and rooting for us. Marriage in the world we live in seems to come and go... I encourage you to support your married friends, encourage them, share your stories with them, and CELEBRATE their milestones... because they've fought to get there- and they are where they are because people like you value their marriage too. 

oh yes, and Love, Love, Love them, cause we all thought we had it figured out at year 1... 
So share in the celebration, share in the glory, share your stories and Share the love,
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