Thursday, May 19, 2016

I've learned a couple of things...

We've been in Vietnam for just over 6 weeks, and life is slowly taking shape and becoming normal. While we've been here, I've learned a couple of things, I know for sure this list will keep growing... but in the mean time here are a few things I've learned:

1. If you see it- buy it now it won't be there when you want/need it. 

2. There are three prices in Vietnam: the one it's worth, the one you pay, and the one everyone else pays.

3. Even though the sun is shining outside it can still be raining in your heart. 

4. Home is only a phone call away.

5. Nobody can replace the person you are missing -no matter how hard you try, on any day, anywhere.

6. Learning the Vietnamese language is very very difficult. Not knowing the Vietnamese language is very isolating.

7. You can open a can with a Leatherman. Which has taught me that I won't starve.

8. If you're not Vietnamese you probably won't find clothes to fit anywhere other then "the Russian market". I still haven't been to this oasis of clothing yet!

9. Nothing warms the heart like finding a little tiny piece of home.

10. Nothing lasts forever, the feelings you're feelings will pass-the time will pass and you'll eventually be back home and all of this will just be fond memories.

And bonus, because this one I know- but I've relearned it more times since I've been here, than I'd like to admit :) Tomorrow you will laugh at what you cried over yesterday...

So I guess the lessons I've learned is that just take it one day at a time... and enjoy the ride. This. Is. Life. 

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