Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Eat Half, Walk Double, Laugh Triple.

I saw this quote recently and it resounded with me... It just makes sense, it's the secret to a long happy life. Yes it is a simplified version of a long happy life, but it's a good start. It's a great recipe, and I've been implementing it in my day to day.

As you might know, I've gotten a little chubby lately, I'd love to blame it on the IVF, and the stress, the moving half way around the world, the and the ups and downs, but really the thing is, I love food, it's so yummy and it feels so great in my tummy... and I just want more... and more, and more- and hey, if there is cake, I'll have some of that too!

I eat pretty healthy, I cook most of what we eat, I'm a herbivore, lots of fruits and veggies, bread, lentils, beans, and no meat. Please note: the 'no meat' is a personal choice, based on what I like to eat, please do not feel in any way shape or form that this is what is right for you- this is what is right for me, now- at this moment, in my life- I am not religious about it, if I choose to taste some fish, or have a piece of salmon, I will- if one day I am craving a burger so badly, well then I will go out and have one- I've never really craved meat, so I just don't eat it... I just don't have the taste for it.) 

The key to that entire sentence is LOTS... I eat lots of fruit and LOTS of veggies... it's like I have this feeling if one banana is good than 3 are better!

I've been thinking a lot about this lately, mainly about portion size and control.  I think it's been mulling around in my head, because we are not large consumers of stuff. We don't buy what we don't need or use, we don't over indulge in spending and purchasing, we do not get caught up in the bigger is better... with stuff- but with food... somehow it has become excessive and more than I need. And I know this for sure, because I am wearing the evidence on my body and a reminder that I might actually be greedy- taking more than I need... it's kind of a big thing- Greed.

So as I start a new journey, to take less and leave more, to allow God to fill my heart and not me trying to fill my tummy... I don't actually know how to do this... I don't actually know how to stop being greedy. Oh,  I know how to lose weight- in 2005 I lost 100lbs with my doctor, I know the rules, I know the formula, I know it... but my heart didn't learn it. I am very capable of disciplining myself to do what needs to be done, to get the weight off... but unless my heart changes, nothing actually changes.

So I guess I am again on a new journey, a new adventure... would you like to join me? Maybe this print will help you along your way too...

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Eat half, walk double, laugh triple


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I too love food, and I mean good food and LOTS of it. I definitely know what is good or bad for me but my weight is like a yoyo because at the end of the day, I love food, it's my comfort, my stress relief and I need to learn how to have a different relationship with food... It's hard!

    1. It is hard <3 but it's a journey... So we'll just have to keep on loving ourselves and being kind to ourselves while we are on this adventure :)



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