Monday, April 18, 2016


I've got a little secret for you...
Coffee is my best friend, and croissants are a close second.

We've been in Vietnam now for just about 3 weeks, Vietnam is one of the worlds largest producers of coffee and I would admit, a ca phe sua da is absolutely delicious, but finding a simple black cup of coffee is proving to be difficult. Even more difficult than that, because if you know me, you know I don't leave the country without a kilo of my favourite kicking horse 454 horsepower coffee in tow, is finding a grinder. I've got coffee, I just can't find a grinder, nor a french press... But fear not, I am on the hunt.

But what I did find was a Starbucks, I know, I know some people would argue Starbucks coffee is not great coffee, and I'd be one of you whilst standing in my kitchen grinding my own beans, brewing a big pot of my favourite 454 horsepower in a french press, then sipping it out of my favourite mug- but here, far away from home, far from my grinder, far from my simple comforts (that I perhaps took for granted) Starbucks was an oasis in a the coffee desert for me.

So I picked up a pound of dark roast, and made myself a cup of coffee, (albeit in a Vietnamese metal coffee filter)- but I had a the first cup i've enjoyed at home since we've been here.

And what I realized is that, I love coffee a lot, and the simple things in life bring great pleasure and satisfaction, so don't take them for granted. Instead be grateful for all of the little things we do every single day that make us feel happy... Life is made of of simple little pleasures, take time to notice them!

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  1. If you took your beans to Starbucks do you think they would grind them for you? Do they sell a french press there?

    1. They do have french presses at Starbucks, but of course they didn't have the at the one I walked into! lol I was thinking maybe I'll dump my beans in their bag of coffee and get them to grind them! <3 I've finally had a nice cup of coffee... i made an expresso, in a vietnamese coffee filter (very strong) then I added hot water to top it up, and it was quite nice, so that is how i am officially making my coffee at the moment... I'm surviving... barely, but I'm surviving :) (joking- I'm doing fine :)



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