Thursday, November 12, 2015

This year... GIVE HOPE!

Our year here at LostBumblebee Graphics was all about Living Life On Purpose. It was about going above and beyond ourselves, looking outward instead of looking inward and choosing to be purposeful in all that we do. It has been incredible. I believe that we are different people because of this journey.

We want to give you all the opportunity to continue Living Life On Purpose 2015 with us, right up until the end of the year. This year, let's Give Hope!

What we found out was that the $35 a day we donate through charities to save lives- actually saves lives. It was the most eye opening revelation I had. It seems so simple and duh! of course it does... but guys, it actually does!

So In light of saving lives and giving hope, I wanted to share with you two of the places that we worked with and fell in love with along our journey. These people are saving lives on a daily bases- trouble is sometimes we forget that there are lives out there needing some saving... children who don't have a meal during the day, parents abandoning their children because they have no food to feed them with... This year, let's give hope to a child!  Let's get outside of ourselves and Live Our Lives On Purpose.... right up until the end!


This Village consist of 72 orphans in 3 family units as well as over 200 students from the local villages. These students are from the poorest of the poor... at Eagles Wings they are fed breakfast and lunch, are given school uniforms and books all because people like you and me- Let's GIVE HOPE!


Nurture Baby Home is home to more than 35 babies and 7 school aged children. Talk about Formula, formula, formula. The underlying story in the lives of these babies is abandonment. They've been left- alone, but thanks to 
Fay and her staff at Nurture Baby Home, no is never the answer when the phone rings and there is a Baby needing love, food and shelter because of people like you and me-  Let's Give HOPE! 

So please take a minute to check out these pages, scroll down and donate... This year... 
Let's Give Hope + SHARE THE LOVE,

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