Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Do you hear it? Does it call your name? Do you feel the need when the weather starts to warm up-  that need to get out, have an adventure? Somedays adventure for me is getting on a plane and flying to China solo to meet up with my husband. Other days it is walking to the mail box... This year our adventure is huge. Bigger than anything we've ever done.  But the biggest part of this adventure isn't the going to Uganda to volunteer for me, I have volunteered all of my life, the hardest part is the asking for help.  It's asking you to contribute to our journey. It's asking people to visit my Esty Shop and buy a family portrait, a painting, or a print. It is really hard to keep asking. But I will. It has caused me to grow in my creativity, find my voice and challenge myself to speak up. It's a huge adventure this growing up and into yourself thing. Huge.

What adventure is calling your name this year? What is pulling at your heart, begging you to reveal it, nurture it, achieve it?  If you aren't sure... Start with this questions, "what breaks my heart?" Once you answer that question, move on from there to discover if there is anything in your neighbourhood, community, city that you can do to help alleviate that sense of pain.

If animals are your thing, try volunteering in a shelter.
If children are your thing, try offering a free story time at your local library.
If Single Mom's are your thing, try offering a small group at your church to support them in their needs.
If missions is your thing, find an organization and donate, volunteer, host a garage sale to raise money, or plan a mission trip and go.

If real adventure is what you seek, look outside of yourself, and see the world in it's need and embark on an adventure that will change your life. Adventure to me is getting out of my comfort zone and doing something that changes me... which in turn changes my world.

Adventure awaits... in whatever form it looks like, embrace it.
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8.5x11 this one is spaced differently to give you more surface area to colour, I did the above one, it turned out beautiful, but you need your pencil sharpener and reading glasses handy, it was slightly small. This one is slightly less complicated and a little larger :) 

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