Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Back Into the Swing of Things

Oi! Getting back into the swing of things, when almost all of the boxes are unpacked, is a little exhilarating ~ although I've still got that one secret trunk filled with all of my childhood memories. I was challenged by the hubby to open it up and pair it down into 1 small rubber container. "Challenge accepted!", was what I originally shouted at him. I think I was high on caffeine or something, because later that day, I opened my trunk, peered inside, smiled, looked at the rubber container, checked it for size, looked back in my trunk, looked back to the rubber container, back to my trunk- closed my trunk and thought, not today, no sir, no way, not today! I think giving things up you love takes lots of time and energy, and I just didn't have it... not that day I didn't, and I haven't found the courage yet. But I will... someday...

In the mean time, I am getting back into the swing of things, getting the office set up, organized, paired down, printer online (yay for wifi enabled printers! they makes my heart sing when they work, when they don't, I want to grab the baseball bat, and have at it! until it is no more... but I digress, think happy thoughts, peaceful thoughts, creative thoughts... breathe - I am sure I am not alone :) in the grand scheme of getting organized, I realized I haven't had a calendar at all this year, I've just kinda been ho-huming it, seriously?! Who HO-HUMS for half a year? Well, I accidentally did, and to think I didn't even miss anything important, that I know of...

I turn to the trusty internet to print of a calendar that is simple (as much as I love beautiful intricate art, when it comes to my calendar, the simpler the better, I cannot be distracted by kittens, and puppies... or flowers, or horses, or 12 beautiful photos of the ocean... see, I need it to be simple) So I decided to print one off. Perfect, all is set, start the process, I know it'll work, because my printer is all set up on wifi, didn't have to use that baseball bat... and no ink. No Ink?! ok, I'll give you this, I haven't used the printer in over 2 years, it's been in storage, but come on, not even enough to get me through one simple calendar? Nope, nada, no way. I have few options here in our new little town, and the most realistic one being- I can drive the 45 minutes to the nearest Staples store and pick it up, or I can try something new, I can order online. One of the things the hubby and I did before moving to our new tiny town, was check online to see what delivery service was like.

AND IT IS GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Thank you Jesus... gratitude in everything, right?!

I went online, ordered ink, following day FedEx rings my doorbell and my ink is here! This simple process of ordering ink, click and pay, all while saving the planet, reducing, reusing and recycling was amazing! Although, it couldn't keep me from looking like I had been arrested and fingerprinted for the next 2 days. I'm sure most people can remove used ink cartridges without looking like they've been finger printed, but alas- I cannot. I can however get excited about finding an awesome solution that works for me!

I was thinking about how every little thing we do, and every choice we make, can make the world a better place. It all starts with us choosing to make small changes;

"Little by little, a little becomes a lot"

 Tanzanian Proverb

That goes for everything, how much we eat, how far we walk, how kind we are, how much we give of our time and our money, how we choose no straws, or reusable straws, and how we buy our ink ... every little bit counts, and I am super excited that I've implemented this little bit into my... little by little, a little becomes a lot...

Take some time to enjoy this beautiful colouring page, and come up with what your little by little will be...

Share the love,

This colouring page was sponsored by Certified Cartridges. Before I agreed to create a colouring page, I personally ordered and paid for my ink so I could try it, I wanted to learn about their mission, to make a decision about the quality of their product, to experience their customer service, and to check on their delivery time- I'll be ordering my ink from them :) Check out the video about their dream team :) It'll make your heart sing! I'm really proud to be able to share this company with you... when you find a company that you feel connected to, you want to share them. Can I tell you how much their Dream Team makes me happy :) Scroll down to the video on their about page.

(I've printed this and coloured it, and I've also imported it onto my iPad and digitally coloured it too, so if you don't plan on framing it, or keeping it around, try using your tablet to colour it, and see how you enjoy that! ... little by little...)

LostBumblebee ©2018 MDBN GROWN UP COLOURING,  COLOURING PAGE, COLORING PAGE, Free for personal use only,, 8.5x11 print size
LostBumblebee ©2018 MDBN
Free for personal use only |
Sponsored byCertified Cartridges

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