Monday, November 27, 2017

Let's Get real.

Ok, it's time to get real about a couple of things,
let's get real about the fact that my house is a complete disasters because well, contracts end, and people get demobilized, so once again we are packing up our lives and moving across the world.

It sounds pretty glamorous, and it would be, if I had movers coming in that I hated the key too, and walked out- those are my favourite moved! but instead it's a little scary, and uncertain, and I get through much of it saying "we can do anything for 2 years... I mean, come on, in the light of eternity, what's two years?" I'm continually telling myself, the road ahead is being paved and all I'm being asked to do is take one step. So guess what, we are taking that one step again... we are on our way home, but what and where that home is or looks like we are not sure. The only thing I know for sure is that I need to be at the airport on time... after that, only God knows, and only time will tell... as my mom always says... "Miss you are on a need to know bases with God, and you just don't need to know." I guess there is some truth to that... although I'd really like to know, like not even sometimes, but all the time :) Really.

But again, my word for the year is TRUST, and guess what... that's what I'm going to do.

So happy packing to me,
Share the love,

Ps. sorry there is no printable... just wanted to share where we are, and what is up- BUT don't be alarmed... Starting December 1st will be a full 25 days of Christmas Cheer Advent!!! 25 prints, 25 days, all to keep a simple, fun, focus on christmas... Joy, Peace, Love, Family, Friends- less money spent, more time spent... a simple christmas <3

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