Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beach Please?!

It's coming to that time of year when we all have to take a gander at our pasty legs, and our not so beach body ready beach bodies... and think, oh man.... not this again. Yes this again, but this year folks let's make it different- make it different for ourselves, make it different for your kids, make it different for our hubbies, your boyfriends, our best friends.

What would happen if we just suited up,  showed up, and enjoyed ourselves?

I know the world would literally end, right?! Because every year for the past 15 years we've had an excuse why you can't go to the beach, why you can't play with the kids in the water, why you're 'cold' at the beach, I get it...  me too-

Except... this past year living in Vietnam, when every day is beach weather day, and every day I am twice* the size of the largest Vietnamese person in the room, by height and weight... What am I going to do? Hide? ok, somedays I hide, somedays I just can't do it, but then other days, I suit up, I strut up, I set up, and I lounge about the pool... and you know what... no one cares... no one cares that I have cellulite, no one cares that I'm taller than they are, no one cares that I weight more than they do... they aren't there to worry about me, trust me, even the littlest and the tiniest, and the most beautiful are focused and worrying about themselves. Because for years we've been fed story after story, photo after photo, of unrealistic expectations of what we can be if we use this product -we will be just like the person modelling it-But guess what, it's hog-wash.

We are so wrapped up in what we aren't instead of being wrapped up in who we are... my body tells a beautiful story of pain, heart ache, joy, gratitude, and grace... after losing 100 pounds about 12 years ago I weighed 150 pounds for about 5 weeks... then I steadied back at about 165 and you know what, I was more concerned with my imperfections at that weight then I am now 40 pounds heavier. Forty, not fourteen, but four-zero, forty pounds heavier, I gained 10 pounds on every one of our four IVF treatments, I fought through a deep depression dealing with unfulfilled hopes and dreams of babies, I'm pretty sedentary at work- painting and creating happens at a desk usually- But guess what... that is not the sum of who I am, those are things I've been trough and I carry the battle scars, maybe not as proudly as I ought too, but I try.

So this year ladies and gents, let's take our beach bodies, just as they are, suit up, and rock on. Take the photo, do a cannon ball, dance on the boardwalk, smile at strangers, and be grateful that we can do all of these things... let's worry less about others, let's not let them dictate our lives... just know, you are perfect in every imperfection of your being...

Just think, how much more we could be doing in our lives, and with our lives,  if we weren't so bound up in chains created to keep us uneasy, un happy, un fulfilled, nervous, cautious, and scared of what others will think. Break off the chains, today is a new day, SUIT UP!

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*estimated not documented :)

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