Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 16

More than halfway through the Advent season, are you enjoying this season? or are you feeling rushed, pressured, trying to keep up, praying to God that the credit card company will have a technical glitch and lose all your purchases?

The holidays can be a trying time, I find I live in nostalgia, thinking of the past, the way Christmas felt when I was little... the excitement that was almost unbearable. As an adult, I don't have that crazy excitement anymore, I have calculated risks. I know, what the heck? right? Ya, those calculated risks sometimes feel like, ok, if I give this all I've got, do you think it might possibly, even a little bit live up to my expectations? Sometimes I find I live more in the realm of expectations than reality- whoa. I know, what a great way to lose all hope, lose all joy, and basically set yourself up for disappointment.

I've written about writing an expectation list before, I like to mention it to my friends and family and you guys around this time of the year. I like to write a list of expectations I have, so that when I feel let down after Christmas, I can go check my list...

Some people might think this is a little crazy, but I guess it's also a safety net for my heart. Because I have such high hopes and nostalgia which, in all seriously cannot be met by anyone outside of my being- it's all up to me. 

My list looks a little something like this:

1. spend quality time with Duy
2. spend time with friends
3. make our apartment feel like home
4. feel that cozy feeling
5. put together a puzzle
6. have hot cocoa and chat and play games
7. host dinner
8. watch a Hallmark Christmas movie with Duy
9. FaceTime with our nieces and nephews on Christmas morning
10.Chat with my mom (like every day, but especially on Christmas day)
11. call my dad 
12. read the Christmas story
13. write our plans, hopes, and dreams for 2017

It might looks like a boring old list, but those are the things that bring me great joy during the holiday season, and when I write them out, it gives me a concrete list to go back to after the excitement of Christmas day when I am feeling that Christmas let down. I can check everything off my list, and add unexpected but welcomed feelings that have come. 

So I encourage you, if you are like me with great expectations of a beautiful Christmas to write it down, because if you don't go visit your list, you may feel as though you missed all of the things you hoped for...

Don't let expectations steal your joy this year, take your hopes, dreams, and goals for this holiday season and write them down, seriously, grab that crazy beast by the horns and control it :) 

Cheers! (as I sit here with youtube on my tv in the living room, blaring a roaring fire, with my Christmas tree lights on, hot coffee in hand, feeling like our apartment feels pretty cozy and a lot like home, with my Christmas puzzle under the tree waiting to be started... yup, I'm already checking things of my list... don't let those little things pass you by, write a list)

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And I hope you are enjoying the Advent Calendar a day <3

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LostBumblebee ©2016 Advent 2016
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LostBumblebee ©2016 Advent 2016 Personal Use Only
LostBumblebee ©2016 Advent 2016
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