Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Do I actually need a Hashtag to do something?

Do I actually need a hashtag to do something? Do I need to be accountable to the entire internet to actually be doing something? Isn't this slightly counter productive, isn't what we do in the quiet of our own personal lives what matters, not just what we do when people can see us? hear us? watch us?

The Hashtag, #livinglifeonpurpse2015 leads me to ask; Am I still living life on purpose?  How can I make conscious to decisions to step outside of my comfort zone (my sweet little apartment) and go into the real (big, loud, scary, Vietnamese speaking) WORLD around me and serve... just to write this freaks me out, because I know I am being called to something here, and I can feel it coming- ha! Kinda like a freight train... and I know it will be awesome, but man will it take me WAY outta my comfort zone...

Who? What? When? Where? How? I have no idea, but the Why? because Jesus said Go + Love. So I've got one of six... that's a start.

Thought for the day, do you need a hashtag to go, love + serve?

What would you do if no one ever heard you, saw you, or knew anything that you were doing, would you still go, love, and serve?

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