Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life. This is it folks!

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. It's what happens between dinner and the dishes. It is dinner and the dishes. Life is exactly this. It is what you are doing at this exact moment. It's the stuff that fills up the cracks, the time, the moments wasted and the moments utilized in the most spectacular way. It is the tension of am I doing enough and I am doing too much- it's the fine line between the decision to stay or go. It is every waking moment and every minute of shut eye. This is it. This is life.

How are you spending your life? are you planning it? are you waiting for it to start?  are you embracing it- every teeny tiny minuscule moment of it?

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my egg... apparently I grow'em perfect <3
While we were going through fertility treatments it was all about getting ready for life to start, hoping, planning, dreaming into the future- and those moments of planning and hoping are all part of it... when we hit our fourth round (yup 4) of IVF, I was in a different place, I could enjoy the moments, I could breathe through the uncomfortable, cherish the tears, and find joy in the journey. We got to see some of the most spectacular things, we learned how my body worked, I got to see my eggs- now you get to see it :) You are welcome. Not many people have seen this... this photo carried so much hope, so much love, and so many prayers. I have an influx of emotions as I'm writing this, looking at this photo. It is transporting me back to a different time in my life... and it is those times, the laughter, the tears, the nothings,  that all make up life.

Life is what happens between coffee and wine. It's what happens between the moment your eyes open in the morning, and the next time your eyes open... it is all around you, are you recognizing it? or are you waiting for it to happen? This is it folks. The one amazing thing about life, is that we have the ability to make it what we want... no we cannot opt out of tragedy, or pain, or floods of emotions that take us by storm, but we can choose to rejoice through it all knowing that this is the life. It is the unfinished quilt in my basement, it is the finished painting hanging in your home, it is the sudden loss, it is the unexpected news, it is mowing the lawn, it is coffee with a friend... it is all around you, are you living it?

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