Friday, January 29, 2016

Shit Happens... Learn to Pray

You know life, as much as we try to control it, it has a mind of its own. It changes, disagrees with us, decides to go in a different direction, changes course and leaves us standing there wondering, what the heck did we do wrong. Probably Nothing. The biggest misconception that we believe is that life is fair. It isn't. Sometimes it is down right unfair. What makes it fair that some people have so much and others have to little? nothing. Life isn't fair, and that kinda sucks.

Take our personal struggle with trying to have a baby... what makes it fair that I have planned my whole life around being a mom, raising children, not following my career path so that we could learn to live on one income, so when we had children I could stay home. That means we've driven rusty cars, not taken vacations, spent less than we made, learned to live without- a lot... what's fair about that?  What makes it fair that someone who doesn't want kids ends up pregnant? Nothing. Life isn't fair...

What makes it fair that faithful people end up dealing with crappy situations? nothing... there is nothing that I can say that will ever make that fair. I wish I could twirl my wand and make life fair... but i can't.

What I can do? What I can do is not compare my life with others...  I can do is concentrate on making my life the best that it can possibly be. I can look to the maker of the sun, the stars and the moon, I can share my hurts, my heart and my hopes... does it change the situation instantly? no... but it does change me,  and prayer changes me for the better.

I have a beautiful friend who is a praying woman... she is a warrior in prayer... her family is going through some stuff right now, and she stays sane through it all because of prayer. The other night I got a phone call, and she told me a little bit about her life... then came this bases of this printable.

"My oldest kid, smelled something a little off in the house, and I did a little investigating and then didn't think anymore of it... the Hubby came home and I mentioned it to him. While he was in the office, he caught a whiff of that unusual smell... so downstairs he goes to investigate... and low and behold the shit had hit the fan, literally... sewer back up, in our storage room..."

We talked, we got frustrated together, we laughed together, we tried to figure out why together... but there is no figuring out why... it just happened... one thing we did figure out, is that:
Shit happens... so you'd better learn to pray.

And that my fiends is the story of this print... Life isn't fair, shit happens, figuratively other times literally. How can you prepared for this? There really is nothing you can do to prepare for a situation like this, until it happens, but what you can do to prepare for life... is pray... have a conversation with the Maker of the universe- don't make it weird, just talk... He's listening, and He cares...

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Shit Happens Learn to Pray
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