Friday, January 15, 2016

Breathe, You've Got this!

2016 a new year, new projects, new hopes, and new goals all sound well and good, but along with all of those crazy awesome new ideas and dreams comes along new anxieties, frustrations, and fear. What the heck?! Seriously I want to punch fear in the face. Taking a step out of your comfort zone to pursue a new career, passion, hobby... is often, littered with fear. Why are we so afraid of trying something new?

Apparently it's been studied and this pretty much sums it up:

33% will like what you do
33% won't like what you do
33% won't actually care what you do  (gasp! I know right!)

AND 1% (these are the people we don't actually care whether or not they approve of us- I added that part, and when I'm home alone, I have a more colourful word for this group of... well, use your imagination.)

So what do we have to fear? Letting ourselves down? because going out and trying something new doesn't usually let others around us down. Because the people who actually matter, you know the ones, our cheering section, the ones who see our talents way before we ever do, and are continually trying to convince us to pursue our passions, are not going to love us any less if we try following our dream, they are going to saddle up along side of us and enjoy the ride.

So in light of a new year, and in light of new possibilities (by the way, every day is filled with new possibilities, and the ability to stop one thing and start another, without owing anyone an explanation - but I digress) Let's Saddle up the horses,  let's charge forward with our hopes and dreams... and let's not forget to BREATHE, because We've Got THIS!

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BREATHE, You've Got This!


  1. There are certain perks with getting past 50. One of them is the prominenet "don't give a sh*t" feature!

    1. Hahaha!!! Yes :) I hope I achieve that earlier than most ❤️



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