Monday, March 16, 2015

The Mug Life.

I didn't choose the Mug Life, the Mug Life chose me. It's funny, because I am trying to think when I started to drink coffee... like really drink coffee. Black, no cream, no sugar, just the sweet darkness of the mojo juice.  I think it all started with a beautiful couple named Ken and Irma... they were the catalyst to a lot of amazing stuff for the Hubby and I.

So this one is for all of the beautiful people in your life, who encourage you, point you in the right direction, help you along the way, and teach you to drink your coffee black. Because any coffee is drinkable if you add enough cream and sugar :)   But it takes good coffee to drink it black-

How do you take your coffee?
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To view my video Speed Painting of this print, check it out here :) 

LostBumblebee ©2015 MDBN :: FREE - donate to download - PRINTABLE :: Personal Use Only. Coffee, Mug, Mug Life
LostBumblebee ©2015 MDBN :: FREE - donate to download - PRINTABLE :: Personal Use Only. Coffee, Mug, Mug Life
LostBumblebee ©2015 MDBN :: FREE - donate to download - PRINTABLE :: Personal Use Only. Coffee, Mug, Mug Life


  1. Love everything about today's graphic – it really made me smile!
    My father's Icelandic, and I swear they all have coffee running through their veins. I remember my cousin asking my aunt a few years back (at around 87), if she ever had a bad cup of coffee in her life. She thought for a moment... "Nope, never have."

    I hope it would be OK to send this print to my cousin (in one of my EasyGallery® changeable frames). My aunt, now 94, has become very ill with dementia – but I think this will make her smile. I'd love to load a few more of your fun coffee prints in the back so she can have fun changing them out. Maybe I could send you a frame as a thank you?

    : )
    Mary Ann

    1. Oh Mary-Ann! YES, this is exactly what these prints are for, so send encouragement, a laugh, a smile, good vibes, hope and creativity all over the world :)

      I'm sorry to hear that your auntie is suffering from Dimentia- I hope and pray these prints will give your cousin a little break and make her smile. Please fill that frame full of prints from my site... encourage her and send her tons of love!
      I'd love to see it when it is ready to go! Will you email me a few photos- I love your EasyGallery Frames- I've checked them out more than once! My email is: lostbumblebee(at)gmail(dot)com Sorry I have to write it out like that, but if not, I get so much spam :)

      Thanks again for sharing and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it, and I am so excited to see the final package :)

  2. What a fun post!! It made me think back to when I first began drinking coffee - I can't recall WHY I drank it, but it had lots of sugar and cream(er) and now I drink it delightfully black! The aroma and the flavor - oh my! Mmmm.

    1. oh yes... I haven't had my morning cup yet, and I can't wait...

  3. Love everything about Mug life. it really made me smile! :)



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