Sunday, July 20, 2014

Your Cares Part 2

I'm experimenting a bit with a new version of printables- I'm working on some ideas that I am hoping to put up on Etsy to further our #livinglifeonpurposeafrica2015 journey - you can read about that here: Living Life On Purpose Africa 2015

I wanted to create something a little fun, slightly DIY and definitely inspirational.

So what I've done, is: on an 8x10 sheet (you can print it either on photo paper, card stock or on a regular 8.5x11)

I've included :
1 bookmark (2x8)
2 4x6 prints
4 mirror /  bulletin board / fridge / scrapbook / mini reminders (you can cut out and put anywhere- even hid one in your wallet :) (2x2)

The original print can be found here: Your Cares.

Let me know what you think-
How will you use this? Let your imagination run wild!

Share the love,
LostBumblebee 2014 Printable Pages CAST YOUR CARES Free printable- for Personal use
1 page, 7 prints! Cut it up and Share The Love!
(8x10 300dpi)

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