Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's time for Africa.

Africa. I write it, I cry. I say it, I cry. I tell people my heart is for Africa and they look at me like I'm crazy as tears roll down my face. This year coming; 2015, we will be going to Africa to fulfill a dream. To meet the people who have my heart...

As you know, we do not have any children of our own... it hasn't happened yet (not for lack of trying, medically, naturally,  everything you can think of, we've done), and so we wait and pray, and believe for our miracle.

In this time of waiting...  instead of focusing on my own personal heart's desires,  I want, I want, I want...  Seriously how many times can I ask?  -we bought a house with a back yard, close to schools and parks, a BIG car - (then sold said car), we have an entire nursery set-  all for this baby- we are ready- they already have life insurance-  Yes, like I said, we are ready.

But what if... what if, we took the energy that we are putting into hoping and praying for a baby of our own and we gave it... what if we gave to others who are already here... what if we gave our hearts, our finances and our love to others. To children who are struggling to survive, who need to be loved, whose hearts are here... what if?

I began to cry, I knew, I knew this was what God had for us at this moment...  to just let go ... to trust and to give...

And so the journey begins...

Here is the ( very! ) rough plan:

  • Duy and I will be going to work in an orphanage some time next year. We have not decided on when, or how long, but we know that we will be going. 

  • We are in conversation with a Children's village that has opened its hearts to us...

  • This is a huge step for me, because I have always felt if I ever get to Africa, I will never return.  Although this trip will be short term- 4 weeks most likely, we do not know what the future will hold.   ( I am a married to a practical, dependable, honourable man, so he will honour the tickets on the return date, and because I love him so much and would follow him to the ends of the earth, I to will return! rest assured mom- I promise!)

  • So far the plans are in the infant stages, we have zeroed in on Uganda (but this is not set in stone). Did you know there are over 60,000 orphans in Uganda and the average age is 15. One-Five. (whoa!)

So I want to invite you on this journey of ours... this journey to follow God's heart,  to love his people...

All donations that come in through the Blog are now allocated to this journey. Please consider giving. All proceeds from my art work, everything sold on Etsy, and pretty much everything my hands touch will be allocated to this journey.  I thank you in advance for partnering with us, you will hear lots about this journey along the way- Please Pray for us as we begin preparing our hearts and our minds for this incredible opportunity! Who knows where this may lead us in the future... who knows...

Share the love,

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  1. Wow! Crying here. Africa!! Tears rolling down my face. Africa!!
    I have no words. I'll come back.
    Melanie H

    1. Me too! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for supporting us :)

  2. Love from down unda! to over and above! xo

    1. we receive that love, times it by one million and send it down under again!

  3. This is a beautiful post, thank you for opening up your heart to the world! xo

    1. Thank you... it might just change our lives forever... yours included- we shall see... it could be the beginning of something beautiful!

  4. Oh my.........I am sooooo very happy for you and Duy! Will keep you in my prayers and hope that you find your forever child!

  5. Thank you for this beautiful art and for your heart to serve. My husband and I and our 3 children work with Mercy Ships in Africa (currently Madagascar) and I wanted some art to decorate our ship cabin. How wonderful to find your site and support you! May you be blessed as you are a blessing to others!

    1. You are welcome- thank you so much for taking the time to read and hear our heart! I'm so excited that you work with Mercy Ships- that is one of my dreams, Trying to figure out how we could be part of a team someday- we're not in the medical field- teacher (me) and engineer (Hubby), by education- artist by trade + passion :)

      I'm following the Madagascar journey on Facebook and I am seeing so many amazing stories <3

      I hope my prints fill your walls with encouragement and beauty on your journey.
      Love and prayers from this side of the world to you and your family, as well as all of those working on this Madagascar journey!



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