Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Always Time for Good News!

Good News! Some very cool stuff is happening here and I want to share with you guys! I was recently asked to join the Greenvelope design team as a freelance contributor (I squealed with excitement and then I freaked out) but I did join (I'm so proud of myself, cause this is WAY beyond my comfort zone). I am the throws of currently creating designs (you should see my workzone, it is insanity) that will be hosted and sold via greenvelope.com

So you know, now that I am a highly sought after designer (*ahem- ok, so not really, I'm just getting to share my work via a different venue) I needed to have a profile professionally written for their site. So I did the one thing I know how to do, write. right? WRONG.  I wrote a shell of a profile and sent it off to a professional- Val over at Zen Shmen! you can find her here :)  She took what I had written scribbled and wrote something amazing. I wanted to share it with you:

>> Melissa, designer and Queen Bee at Lostbumblebee Graphics, is a graduate of both Acadia University in Nova Scotia and The University of Calgary. Coming from a Fine Arts background, painting was her first passion.  Always a curious creative soul, she was pulled toward - and continues to master - digital graphics, photo editing and hand lettering (among other things).  In her studio, you'll find her knee-deep in paper, pencils, pens and paint, steaming cup of coffee not far off.  The rest of the time, this true Canadian girl is volunteering at her church, spending time with family and friends or curled up in a giant sweater dreaming up beautiful things. She shares her life with her husband Duy, and her 100 pound pooch ‘Timothy the Dog’. She happily shares her hard-won wisdom: always allow time to be extremely creative and remember that happy hour is every hour when you do what you love.  Check out her website and blog or find her on Twitter and Facebook. <<

BAZINGA! WOW! I sound so coooooool! But I digress...

Back to Greevelope... So what is Greenvelope anyway? Here is what they about themselves- and I totally love it! 

>> Greenvelope strives to deliver the most elegant electronic invitation service by emulating the experience of opening a “traditional” printed invitation. By creating a positive online experience, we hope more hosts will consider sending invitations electronically for formal events – to help save trees, and additionally save time and money. To express our commitment towards this goal, we donate a significant percentage of every sale to Mountains to Sound, a non-profit organization that maintains forests. Together we can "invite" a greener future. <<

And on that note -there are seriously more words in this blog post- than I think I've EVER written on here- but no worries, we will be back to free printables in no time. I just wanted to share the great news! Check out Greenvelope here :)

I hope your day is amazing! 
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