Friday, October 25, 2013

10 Years?! A Decade in the Making.

LostBumblebee is 10. That means I've been doing graphics for 10 years. It actually started a lot earlier than that. I  started doing logo design for my dad when I was just a little girl. I use to draw out a design and he would take it to the printer and they would re-create my work for his business cards. It always made me feel so proud that he would used my work. gulp.

So for the 10 year celebration of LostBumblebee,  I thought I would share an info-graphic detailing a little bit about my life as a designer and my life as my life (it has been a wild ride). Also in celebration, I just ordered myself some new business cards  I can't wait to get them. Oh ya, we party hard here!

If you are interested in what I've learned about Creativity in the past 10 years check out this guest post I wrote over at IAMDUY's Blog. 

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LostBumblebee 2013 A Decade in the Making!

  • Prior to 2003 I did lots of cool stuff like:
  • Lived coast to coast with my family
  • Took French Immersion
  • 1996 Sold my first painting
  • Won a Leadership award (so cool)
  • Started University at Cape Breton University
  • 1998 Moved again. New community, new people, new school
  • 2000 Graduated from Acadia (proved all those elementary teachers who thought I was going to end up in juvenile detention wrong- booya!) 
  • Graduated with a Fine Arts degree in studio art- yup that's painting.
  • 2000 packed my bags and moved all by myself to Calgary. I was in love with an Asian Cowboy. ok so he wasn't a cowboy ;)
  • 2001 Married that Guy who had stolen my heart and inspired my BIG MOVE to Calgary. Duy (Zwee) Best thing that happened to me ever. period. (you can follow his life journey at IAMDUY )
  • We went on a Mission Trip to Romania (our honey moon- I seriously DO NOT suggest you do this) 
  • 2001 Started my Education Degree at The University of Calgary
  • Graduated 2003 and started LostBumblebee (and so the above story begins)
  • Met lots of incredible people, who all played a huge part in making me who I am today.
  • I made lots of mistakes. (one of which was thinking the world revolved around me- apparently I was sadly mistaken)
  • and so much more.
  • But seriously, this isn't about me :) 
Please accept my BIG BIG thank you. Thank you for all of the love and thank you for all of the encouragement. Thank you for being part of my journey! I truly appreciate each one of you :) 
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