Thursday, August 29, 2013

A little bit about me.

Who you ask? Who is this LostBumblebee who keeps posting all of these free printables? There is a face behind the name! Here is a little bit about me

  • I am Canadian
  • I love coffee- hence the keep Missie Caffeinated button (over there ->)
  • My absolute favourite coffee is Kicking Horse 454 HorsePower.
  • I live in Quebec
  • I speak English, but I know enough French to order food and stay alive
  • My Hubby owns a restaurant, I eat for free :)
  • Next year will be 10 years for LostBumblebee Graphics
  • I have a giant dog named Timothy the Dog. 
  • I teach ESL (LOVE IT)
  • I love hand lettering and I have favourite pens (who knew!)
  • Red is my favourite colour
  • I  lead a pretty awesome, exciting, glamorous, jet set, simple life. 
  • I am happy <3
  • One of my favourite sayings "love is the answer, it doesn't matter the question"
  • I love to work in my pyjamas (and I always spell this word PAJAMAs - eek- wrong.)
  • One more thing-  Do what you love, 'cause that means Happy Hour is EVERY hour :)

How about you? Who is on the other end? Leave a comment with 1 interesting fact about yourself.

Have an Amazing Thursday! 

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  1. You probably won't ever see this since the post is about 1 1/2 years old. But just in case you do find it, I wanted you to know that people "out there" are reading. An interesting fact about me is that I am an old teacher (16 years) struggling with new concepts. :-/

    1. Hi Terri,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment :) I am always so happy to get to interact with other humans :)

      I remember when I did my teaching degree...I had to teach grade 1 math... it was a huge stress point for me, and I got myself and the children so mixed up that I told the teacher to please re-teach this class properly and I understand if you need to fail me... she laughed. New concepts suck, especially if you actually "got" the old ones... but also new concepts are awesome, because it means things are changing and new things are getting created, and (I kinda hate them too) ....

      I hope this Monday (it's the first day back in 2015 for our students up here in QC) is awesome and exciting...

      Thanks again for your note- It means so much to me!

      Oh and teaching for 16 years doesn't make you an 'old' teacher, it makes you an AWESOME teacher :)



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