Monday, October 4, 2021

Grateful for Changes, and for things that stay the same...

Well, it has been a minute, I hope you are doing well in these very weird and uncertain times. Covid has taken its toll on all of us and we are just plain tired. Tired of rules, tired of people getting sick and dying, tired of constantly washing our hands (honestly I've never been so clean in my life- sorry to everyone I ever shook hands with before our world was thrown into a global pandemic). 

With all of those regulations, and forced staying home, I'm happy to say the first year I made the most of it and gained 30 lbs... ha! I know, I ate, I drank, I felt sorry for myself, and for everyone else- it. was. weird.

The second year, I decided I was going to do it differently, so I've lost 76 pounds (including the 30 I gained in 2020), I've revamped my business, I've opened an online shop, which I am so proud of, and I am trying to figure out my life as a blogger. I know I know, I have made promises that I could not keep, I promised I'd be here more, and I was not, I promised I'd do better, and I did not. I'm sorry. I'm human, and if you've been reading along for the past 7 years of my blog posts, you would know I can only white knuckle so much at a time.

But all of that to say, things will be moving and shaking up here, I am not sure where this blog is headed, I know it's full of my heart and soul. It has and is a bright spot in my life, it was my road to healing. The words I shared with you, the stories you shared with me, the people I connected with... the worlds that collided on a little platform called blogger... You are all part of me. And for that, I am so incredibly grateful.

So while I am transitioning onto new things, and holding this blog dear, I would love for you to journey with me... I don't know where I am going, but you are more than welcome to come along. We'll get there together, and together we will know when we have arrived. The ebb and flow of life, if we pay attention to it, really does allow us to grow and change in the most beautiful ways... 2021 is a year of transition for me, in so many ways... and 2022 holds new and exciting things for all of us.

Hope is on the horizon, fix your eyes on those positive things, hold tight to your dreams, and let's move forward...

Here's to new beginnings, new challenges, and new projects!

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