Monday, November 27, 2023



Can you do me a favour and mark your calendar for Giving Tuesday this year?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28th is one the biggest giving days of the year, which makes a huge impact on projects like ours, Eagles Wings Children’s Village. 

This year we have been gifted a matching program that will match every donation, to the dollar, that is raised. That means if you give $10, your $10 dollars is multiplied and $20 is received. All donations received by December 15th will be matched! 

I want to encourage you to proactively and cheerfully give. Sometimes during this season it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the social expectations of the season, and we start to doubt what our humble offering can do anyway. Your donation doesn’t have to be big, any amount helps.


Currently in our community in Uganda, $10 will buy: 

5kg of beans

25kg of maize flour (this is the main food staple in the 

region for making Posho) That’s a lot of posho! 

Laundry detergent (for a long time!) 

I encourage you today to give a little something and see 

what can be done with your donation! Little by little, 

a little makes a lot…

Click the links below to give now! We are so grateful for your contribution to the lives of these children and our community!



(Scroll down to Matching Campaign)

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Christmas. Started a little late around here.

 Christmas started a little late around here, I had actually toyed with the idea of skipping it all together (one should actually know not to do that, thanks to John Grisham's book Skipping Christmas, that was made into the movie, Christmas with the Kranks). But alas, sometimes I play the fool very well, and entertained the idea for probably longer than I should have.

Two solid weeks into November, I finally marched angrily downstairs and started hauling up Christmas stuff, I kept thinking to myself, why am I doing this, just to undo it in 6 weeks, the thought of taking it down was causing me angst in putting it up. 

This is not unusual for me, I've recently been working out every morning with a friend, which often ends in coffee, and chitchat, it's like a free mini therapy session. During one of our leg days- I came to a sudden realization that I am merely living to get things checked off my list, to move on to the next thing, and I only feel safe and secure when there is not one thing on my horizon. Which, let's be honest, it not possible in life, there is always something coming... but I learned that I don't live in the moment, I live in the future moment where I feel free, safe, with no looming expectations or responsibilities. It's really weird- and I'm working on this, But I digress- Let's get back to Christmas with this crank ;) 

So down to the basement I marched, dog ran to take solace upstairs as I angrily marched downstairs- you know the march, the heavy step that makes everyone in the house disperse- because they know not to get in your way at that moment- for fear of that middle age rage, which I may have more of than I'd like to admit.

Up I come, now I'm sweating, and frustrated, yelling at Alexa to play classic Christmas, standing in front of the burning fireplace because "It's the holidays, I am getting into the holiday spirit if it kills me!" and then I stopped dead in my tracks- my spirit immediately caught me off guard, "Melissa, we do this not for social norms, we don't celebrate and decorate because we have to, we celebrate the birth of Jesus..." my heart hurt, tears rolled down my cheeks. How could I have gotten so wrapped up in angst and frustration about celebrating the greatest gift of all? How would I have let myself get so far from the truth that I honestly "forgot"?

I had to stop, ask forgiveness, say sorry, and make that 180º heart turn. It was in that moment all of that angst, anger and frustration just left, it was in that moment that my heart said, I get to decorate in honour of the greatest gift ever. 

I share this with you, because I know I am probably not alone, I know that social expectations weight heavy on everyone's heart during this seasons, did I do enough, did I give enough, am I enough...

Let me stop you right there... we are enough, what we give during this season of celebration is enough,  if we can keep our focus on the reason for the season... He is more than enough.

Be encouraged, be hopeful, be mindful, be filled with joy as you gear up to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus this season, and Share the love, the most important thing we can do, is share the love,


Scroll down for a free graphic, if you want to print it in high resolution it is available on my Etsy Shop. To purchase Click here:

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My Advent Calendars are all available on Etsy as well :) 

Glory to God in the Highest Graphic

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Thursday, November 9, 2023

It's Official.

Well It's official! In my long stint away, the hubby and I were asked to head up the Canadian Ambassador Program for Eagles Wings Children's Village. I'm sure many of you remember "Living Life on Purpose 2015" when the hubby and I packed and went to Uganda for 5 weeks to work in an orphanage and a children's village- we had no idea what we were getting into, where exactly we were going, and just exactly what we'd be doing, but we went with open hands willing to serve in whatever capacity we could, doing whatever needed to be done. And all I can say, is WOW what an experience! 

I had the pleasure of heading back in February of 2020 with my mom, and seeing just what is happening on the property (PS. WE HAVE ELECTRICITY!) was inspiring! We are in the throws of building a medical clinic, where we will not only be able to see patients, but will also be able to have lab services and eventually full hospital accommodations.  My favourite part of being in Uganda was the days I spend in the health clinic with Dr. Macris. The clinic was about 12 x12 feet, with a small bathroom, other than that it was just a one room clinic where patients would come in with everything from fevers, to mastitis, sick babies and children. This clinic was on the school property, but was made accessible to anyone in the village who needed help. I loved serving there. 

I have so much more to share, and I will, it'll all drip out as we go- I often have a hard time putting big events into words, they live vividly in my head, but sharing it with others is proves to be difficult for me. It's as though I can't quite get the right words to share the experience in a way I feel honours it. So I shy away from details, and say things like "it was amazing, oh so life changing", "you have to see it to believe it", "It's more than I ever imagined" -  as many words as I go through in a day- I find it hard to put major experiences that have shaped me, and my heart, into words I deem worthy enough of the impact they've made. I guess I'll just have to learn, and try harder ;)

Take a look at this video for a glimpse into Eagles Wings Children's Village, and see what God is doing in Lubumba Uganda :) 


Share the love,


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Breathe It All In.

It has been a minute. So much has happened since I paused my life here on blogger, some good, some bad, *ahem covid*, and some just ... well just was- not everything is good or bad, sometimes it just is, what it is- that has been a good part of my break, it just is what it is.

I've always had a hard time stopping something that I felt mattered to people, I feel like my blog had it's place, and then I felt like my blog owned me.  I felt constrained in the space of "having to write" never not once did anyone tell me I had to write this blog. Not once did anyone tell me they were disappointed that there was not a post today, not once was I made to feel badly from stepping away from this space, except by myself.

I feel like sometimes we hold ourselves hostage to things that do not bring us joy anymore, they have gone from something we love, to something that we have to love. And as you know, anything that is forced on us, we immediately dig in our heels and put up a wall. Or is that just me? (like honestly, sometimes I get in the shower, and because I literally just did this yesterday I rebel and I stand there, unwilling to wash my body, I'm here, but I am not washing- sometimes when I say things out loud, or write them I see the folly of my ways- but I'm STILL NOT WASHING ;) 

Taking some time away to just live life, through probably the hardest 2 years of our lives on planet earth- Covid, and then to the year 2023, in which, I think, everyone believed was going to be the best year ever- because we are out in the light of life again- and then for me, 2023 has been a real, pardon my French- shitshow. It has not lived up to my expectations on so many levels, I have felt disappointed in the year so many times. Seriously how much disappointment can one year bring, well if it's 2023- lots. 

BUT, I'm here to say, I have a month left, and I a not letting this year get the best of me. Being it's CHRISTMAS season all up in here- a season I love for many reasons, a seasons that is marked with craziness, and joy, and let down, and family stuff... it's still my favourite. (take a read HERE if you want to know a little about my Christmas seasons and what I like to do to get through them unscathed). I'm going out with a bang. I will be celebrating all of the goodness in my life!

I've been taking more time to just be aware of the wonderful that is around me, for instance, I'm sitting in my favourite chair, with my favourite dog, in front of my favourite fire place... so many magical things around me that bring me joy- I am not wasting this moment. I'm inhaling the beauty and comfort of it all.

I'm not wasting anymore time, I have 1.5 months to enjoy the rest of 2023, will there be let downs? of course, will have have disappointments? Yes... but will I wallow in the disappointment? nope.

I'm here, I'm choosing Joy, I'm choosing consistency (I'll share more about that in the next little while) I'm choosing to be happy, I'm choosing to make these moments count... even if it's just taking a moment to breathe in the fresh cold air of November and breathe out gratitude for being alive.

Care to join me?

Share the love,


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Antsy in my Pantsy!

Do you get antsy when the seasons change? I do, I've got pent-up energy and no idea what to do with it! So I try to funnel it into a project, and then I end up frustrated because honestly, it's not the right time. I feel on edge like I've had too much coffee, and I can't seem to relax. The Holiday season is coming and I feel like I am living for the future waiting until I can decorate, and start to "enjoy" it... 

Do you feel me? Are you there too? are we in this crazy weird whirlwind together? Ok, I hear you... I know what we've got to do... we've got to RELAX. Like, really relax. Not lounge about, but just be in the moment breathe it in, and breathe it out. (I know, easier said than done, trust me, I know, I feel you)

As a beautiful reminder to you... below is a desktop background to keep you grounded during these antsy days of anticipation...

If you are a worrier around the holidays or live in nostalgia like I do... I have learned some tips and tricks to help me get through the holidays and keep my emotions in check, you can find that here: My Merry Christmas List.

Don't forget to head over to the website and subscribe, to be part of our Creative Hive, lots of awesome offerings there, while you are there, check out my new shop! (take advantage of free shipping to Canada and the continental USA!) there are many fun holiday hoodies to get you in the mood + plus I'm positive you'll be able to check some gifts off your list!

Share the love,


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