Monday, January 20, 2020

2 Weeks Out.

We are two weeks out from packing up and heading back to Uganda. This time I am travelling with my Mom. What an awesome experience, I cannot wait.

Guess what, we will be going back to see Edrisa, the little guy that OUR blog supports. Every time you donate a 'dollar to download', it goes in the Edrisa account, and that money goes to making sure he has things he needs. It's an honour to get to facilitate our giving to this little guy.

He was about two and a half when I got to meet his little frowny face and I basically fell in love. That was 5 years ago, how am I ever going to survive his little 7 year old face? I am not sure I am prepared for this, but then again, can we ever truly be prepared for something like this?

I will be updating on my instagram account, if you'd like to follow along, my hubby has warned me I need to be updating regularly because he is not going with me this time, and he wants to make sure all is well. If you already follow me on instagram, you'll know I am leaving behind my tiny furry friend and that will be a stretch for me... but I can do it!

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I've included this beautiful quote in honour of Martin Luther King, Jr. on this day of celebrating his life, his teachings, his love, and his radical movement that is still changing the world... we will get there with love.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr... as we celebrate him today...
The time is always right to do what is right...

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©LostBumblebee 2020 MDBN free printable
 Martin Luther King Jr.
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Friday, December 27, 2019

Um...Ya, Meltdown.

I'm not even going to pretend that I didn't have a meltdown this year on Christmas Eve. I did. It was bad. It was a sad moment, when everything poured in and I entertained thoughts of "what if, and if only, and It should be"... Honestly, I know better.

I know myself, I know that I get caught up in crazy emotional turmoil around the holidays. I know this. I also know I have a plan, I have a Merry Christmas List, that I fill out yearly. But did I arm myself this year with the tools I need to not have a meltdown? No. I did not. Did I have a meltdown. Yes BIG time. Who is to blame? Me. Me and only me. I know myself, I have a yearly plan- I didn't follow through I own that. UGh.

I try to choose gratitude everyday and I manage, honestly, most days... the Holidays are hard. Even though it is my favourite time of the year, I manage to feel empty, lost, frustrated, and hurt. Maybe I ought to change my favourite holiday? But the reality is when I am feeling this way it is because of unfulfilled expectations, and this toxic phrase that plays over in my mind: "It isn't suppose to be this way". For a lot of things...

My parents aren't suppose to be divorced. Honestly being the adult child of divorced parents is hard yo. Hard.

We were suppose to have kids. We didn't y'all, It's hard to celebrate Christmas with family and their children. It's a reminder of what we don't have. (BUT -just let me get a grateful moment in here for a second because- seriously- IT IS SO nice to go home, and have a full night sleep, no sugar high kids waking us up at 5 am the next day- so yup, I do see that Silver lining I love so much).

I am not a great gift giver, I never think it's enough, I always go over budget, and I get mad about it, in the aftermath. (GRINCH anyone??)

But then on Christmas Eve we ordered a pizza and tipped the bill, because I was so grateful that they delivered pizza to a sobbing mess and washed it down with beer. (So NOT a Grinch?)

I feel pulled in a lot of different directions with feelings, I'm so grateful for the life I have... and I am so ungrateful because around the holidays it isn't what I thought it would be... how is one suppose to deal with this?

Oh right... I know, my Merry Christmas List... that is how I manage these feelings every year, THAT is how I make sure that the Christmas letdown is not a Missie Meltdown that takes days, weeks to recover from.

Next year, I am having a Christmas Eve Open house, come on by, have a drink, listen to some Christmas music, have some snacks, chat a little, enjoy putting together a puzzle with us... Just come by and be... be simple, be grateful, be together, just be... and just be ok. It'll be for me- not necessarily for anyone else, it'll be so I can get through without too much time to ponder the "what ifs, the why nots, the why us" moments.

I was a mess. I'm embarrassed to even say it, but in order to live my authentic life, I feel like I wanted to share it... because if I am feeling this, you might be too... and I want you to know you are not alone, you are not solo in the journey through the jungle of chaos at Christmas. I too am bushwhacking with the best of them... just trying to survive and hold on to some semblance of peace and gratitude.

I preach love, peace, gratitude... and guess what, most of the time I live it, sometimes I get caught up in that downward spiral... but what I know for sure is this is not permanent, this is only temporary, and in the grand scheme of things... Life is beautiful, hard, and beautiful. So I must continue to think on these things...
Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don’t ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise. Philippians 4:8 (CEV)

I hope your Christmas was meltdown free... full of joy, and peace, and love, and gratitude, and generosity...

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LBG©2019 MDBN- Free Printable for Personal Use Only
Peace, Love, Joy, Gratitude

Thursday, December 12, 2019

December 12...

12 days until Christmas... are you ready? My mind is ready, but I've literally done nothing, except decorate my house (hashtag winning?!)

I've got my gift list, my Christmas list, my grocery list... all geared up and ready to go... now I just need to go do it all.

That is what Friday is for :) I hope - because I need to get it done!

Incase you are as far behind as I am, and trying to get yourself sorted... here is a simple Merry Christmas Card Printable for you... if you can't send it snail mail... send it via email, along with a little update about what's going on in your lives... people love that stuff :)

How goes your Christmas Prep?


LostBumblebee©2019 MDBN Free Printable Christmas Card personal use only
LostBumblebee©2019 MDBN Free Printable Christmas Card personal use only

LostBumblebee©2019 MDBN Free Printable Christmas Card personal use only
LostBumblebee©2019 MDBN Free Printable Christmas Card personal use only

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Find Joy.

If you are anything like me, you may find yourself dreaming of the way things were 'supposed' to be. 

Let me just put this out there, right up front, things are exactly as they are meant to be. Now, whether or not they are what you expected them to be, is a totally different story. Hopes and dreams are constantly dashed when people, things, events, don't live up to our expectations- but those are our expectations- What if we were willing to accept life as it comes (I'm not talking about being apathetic here) but what if we let people be themselves, events turn out as they may, and learn to live in the ebb and flow of a chaotic world, yet be filled with peace? 

Is this even possible? Can the world be falling apart, rather our expectations of what we think ought to be happening in the world, and can we still live in a peaceful state?

I'm going to wager a giant YES on that. I'm going to say that in my situation, AND I live in someone else's plan B of my life, I feel a sense of peace. Knowing that it is ok not to know, and not to be in control, and for me to find gratitude in the moment, and joy in the unexpected story I live...I say YES. 

We can live a life that was not our expectation and still be filled with peace, joy, gratitude. 

Now let's talk nitty gritty... because it totally SUCKS when things don't turn out the way you want them too, and when you wake up in a world that is beyond your control and you have to navigate the hurt, the shame, the unbelievable pain... healing doesn't happen over night. You can't will yourself into being filled with joy when you are at the bottom of a pit heaving just to breathe the pain is so thick... no you can't will yourself to be happy... and the "fake it t'ill you make it" just doesn't work... when tears leak out of you, and you seep pain... it is hard. It sucks. I can't tell you it doesn't. 

What I can tell you is that in time, lots and lots of time, things change... you never stop missing what you've lost, you never stop hurting when you think about it, but you can find peace with it, and in finding peace, you can find joy... I know for myself, joy started to seep in when I started focusing on the things in my life I had to be grateful for. Gratitude is a ribbon that runs through my life, it has changed my life, gratitude and time are healers. In time, gratitude breathes joy, and joy in life... creates an underlying bedrock of peace... not that weird happy all the time crap, but that deep seated peace that no matter what the situation, you know, that you know, you will survive... time will help heal, nothing stays the same forever, and you will grateful for the story you are living.

Everyone of us has a story that is filled with pain, if we were to compare our hurts, we would all one up each other... but what if we stopped comparing, started sharing, and helped other's see light at the end of the tunnel, because one thing I know is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope in the darkest night, and there is peace to be had... change your focus, be grateful, hold on to your hope, because... Joy is coming... There is Joy in the story you are living...hold on. Just hold on.

Two printables for you to choose from... take your pick for whichever you need :) 

Share the love,

 Our hope comes from God. May He fill you with joy and peace because of your trust in Him. Romans 15:13 NLV

On a technical note, I cannot respond to any comments that you leave... I'm so sorry, it's extremely frustrating, but I am in no way shape or form a techie- so alas it is how it will stay. If you want to reach out and share with me, please use the contact me button on the side of this page, and that will go directly to my blog email, and I will get it and respond. M.

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LostBumblebee ©2019 MDBN Free Printable,
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LostBumblebee ©2019 MDBN Free Printable, JOY, LostBumblebee, HOPE, Free for personal USE ONLY
LostBumblebee ©2019 MDBN Free Printable,
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Friday, October 18, 2019

Creativity, Consistency, and Courage?

Another word for creativity is courage... I read that recently on a friends business card, I thought to myself- how have I never seen this before? I fancy myself someone who is pretty observant-  however I could possibly oblivious to so many thing around me, and I just have no idea- But I digress.

I wrote this blog post a long time ago for my hubby's blog, he no longer blogs... But of course I keep my files, because I am a digital hoarder. (Oh my gooooodness! that is a real thing. I know a guy. Seriously- it gives me anxiety just thinking about "owning" that much digital clutter) Again, I digress...

I wanted to share, because I believe that not only is creativity about consistency, but also about collaboration, and courage. Today I want to encourage you, it takes COURAGE to openly share stuff... to take on a new project you've never done. I'll be starting a new project, and it's going to take great courage on my part to not get myself overwhelmed by how big it actually is-  BIG for me might be tiny in your world- but no matter how big or small our work may be, it takes courage to share it, to put ourselves out there and let people decide if they like it or not... that takes courage.

I take great solace in that old saying "30% will like it, 30% won't like it, 30% won't care..." and that last 10 % I don't know what they are going to do, but either way... does it actually matter?

Take a read, I'd love to know your thoughts!

I’m sure you are looking for a wonderful fairy dust laden image of what creativity is. First let me tell you what it is not. Creativity is not unicorns farting rainbows*, (and thank God, because I haven’t seen one of those in a long time- and nope, I won’t tell you the last time I did see one). It isn’t a high that you go on and come down from. Creativity is synonymous, in my opinion, with consistency. The more you do, (it can be anything, writing, drawing, hand lettering, creating graphics, thinking outside the box, mathematical equations -anything) the more creative you will be. By doing, it’s as if you are winding-up a clock, if you windup a clock, it will tick. It is the same for us as creatives. If you are consistently winding-up your creativity, it will tick, you will tick, and ultimately you will create.
Personal experience has been a great teacher, it has taught me; the more you share, the more you will have. I love this quote by Anne Frank; “No one has ever become poor by giving.” I believe this relates truly to ideas, creativity, and love. You cannot out give the ever flowing fountain that lives inside of you. You create this fountain by consistently doing. It bubbles up and will run over freely. Give it. 
Creativity lives in a world of collaboration, not competition. Don’t compete with others, collaborate with them. Don’t hide what you are doing, share it. Find someone who you truly admire and ask to work with them on something. It doesn’t have to be a famous person, it can be a friend, colleague, relative, neighbour, even your kid. This collaboration thing, this one, this is hard one. We aren’t taught this in life, we are taught to look out for number one. Collaboration, I have had to learn, and it has been a journey. But now, I try to share everything. Trying to one-up everyone else in the entire world is absolutely exhausting! (<- what a great way to drain creativity). Remember there will always be someone above you, and someone below you. So don’t hate- Collaborate!
Creativity is stifled while you are waiting for the Unicorn to fart Rainbows, but grows in consistency. Creativity vanishes when you don’t share, but thrives in giving. Creativity cries when you compete, but lives in Collaboration.
3 Things to Remember: 
Creativity lives in Consistency. Creativity lives in Giving. Creativity lives in Collaboration. 

Today I will include a 4th thing to remember...
Creativity takes courage.
And you my friend are courageous.  I've included a print to help remind us all, especially me, creativity takes courage... be courageous today and CREATE!

Share the love,
LostBumblebee ©2019 MDBN Creativity and Courage Free Printable for Personal use Only
LostBumblebee©2019 MDBN Free Printable for Personal Use Only.


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