Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Scared to Death, and Saddling up Anyway.

 Do you get a word for the year? Something that defines your year, keeps you on track and motivates you?

I do. This year my word is "Yes!".  I can tell you- I say it with less excitement than I just wrote it- Ha! and  right off the bat, IT freaks me out. Why? Because my favourite response is "we'll see" with hopes that whatever was requested - just fizzles out. But not this year- this year I am saying yes to projects and activities that scare me. 

Last weekend I was asked to speak at a publishers conference, talking about Inspiring the book within. How exciting, and omgggggg freak me out scary! I am not a public speaker, although I can do it, I do however often let my nerves get the best of me. But guess what, I did it! I survived, and I participated in the entire conferences instead of ducking in and out for my session. We live in a world where connections are not happening as easily as they once did, I am a very relational person, I love people, and I had the best time getting to know new people. How exciting! (I wasn't going to stay for all of the sessions, because I was scared that I was going to get more nervous, knowing what they talked about, and what if I am not as good as they are, and what if... what if.... what... ) 

Ha! Guess what my talk was on- Creativity: Consistency (the more you do), Collaboration (don't compare, collaborate), Courage (it takes COURAGE to show up, to share- to give, to show your work)

I got convicted by my own talk last Wednesday when I was refining my talk- and I had to take my own advise and show up, and be there, and listen and learn, and not compare, but instead collaborate with the other speakers in bringing a conference filled with inspiration and encouragement to move people to the next step of their writing process... 

Guess what, we are all created with different gifts, to be used different ways, even if it looks like someone has already done what you desire to do, do it anyway- yours will be different ( I am not talking bout copying other's work- do your own) if you have a desire to create something, create it, don't look around at what other's are doing, just do you! 

All of this to encourage you to do the hard things, do the thing that scares you- I've talked about this before often it only takes 10 seconds of courage to ask for what you need, to press send, to start a new project and to do something new... 10 seconds of courage. I'm here to encourage you to embrace the 10 seconds of courage, and just do it.

Whatever it is you are working on, share it, show it, be proud of it! You are doing awesome! 

Here are a couple of cute prints from my talk last this past weekend!

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