Wednesday, February 3, 2021

MIA to say the least.

I have been MIA to say the least- I mean I am not missing in action per se, I am literally sitting in my house, if you need me you can find me! yet I am feeling very lost. 

I guess I haven't been here for about 8 months, which really sucks, and I am positive that my previous post said that I would be trying to be more present. I guess I lied. I haven't tried, I haven't even thought about it. That kind of makes me feel terrible, but in reality- this is a weird time, and people are all reacting differently. 

Let's be perfectly honest, it's not like I was blogging much before Covid, so I can't really blame it on that- I can only blame it on myself, and choices that I have made.

Should I even say that I am going to try harder,? You know when you have a friend that has, let's say a nail shop. You love them dearly, and every time you see them you tell them "oh yes, I need to make an appointment, I need to drop in and get my nails done!" Yet you haven't, and you probably won't. Of course you say it with the best of intentions, but you know that you don't get your nails done, so you won't be going- Yet you still say this every time you see them. Stop it. - I had to, and I had to apologize to my friend for basically lying to her. 

So I guess  my answer is- I'm not going to tell you I am going to try harder, because I am not sure I will. 


I have been working on other things, I have been following my dream of being a picture book maker.

In the past 3 year, I have illustrated 7 picture books- 2 of which I also wrote. I am so focused and thoroughly enjoying using my gifts, and my education to create content in a world that will I believe never give up on books, because books are magic.

I am so excited to be on this journey, I get to work with other people, and help them realize their dreams, it makes my heart sing!

So amidst all of this crazy cover chaos, I hope you are following your dreams, I hope you are working towards your goals- Even if your goal is merely to survive this, get up in the morning, and survive the day. I mean-  I'm having to give myself stickers in my agenda on the days I shower, and the days I go out for a walk. Fingers crossed today is a gold star day- Ps. if you think gold stars are not a motivator for adults, try giving yourself some when you do something you are proud of- you'll see!

I'm going to share a link with you where you can download 3 free prints- Strong, Brave and FEARLESS... these are children's prints from my latest book!

There are colouring pages, printable, activities for the kiddos, and great stuff there.

And for those of you who need a little downtime and self care, here is a colouring page for you :) 

Share the love,


Colouring page
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