Thursday, March 5, 2020

Home Sweet Home.

Edrisa and I <3  our little frowny boy is growing up and look at that smile <3 This is the little guy that we support, if we could we would double, triple, quadruple that support and send as much as possible to this baby home. I cannot stress how these lives are being changed because of your generosity when you donate to download, and because of Momma Fay and her dedication to these children. 
Home Sweet home, I don't know if I promised I'd blog or not on our recent trip to visit Edrisa and the baby home... either way, I did not. I was too busy painting, playing, chatting, living. What an awesome experience to revisit the children and just love on them. Here are some updated photos of our boy,  Edrisa, and his brother's and sisters at the baby home... not too many are babies anymore.

Momma Fay is raising up the next generation, and let me tell you- I only know I am getting older because these kids are getting older... surreal. I get how a parent keeps track of time- because with no kids, me and the hubby are still 23 and 27 forever <3

While we were there my Mom and I painted decorations for the new baby home, taught in the classroom, loved on the kids, painting with the children, did activities with the kids after school, and just loved on them and enjoyed them. What an experience to share with my mom.

I got just about enough hugs to hold me over until next time... which is going to be in the near future. Last time it took 5 years to return, this time I am hoping and praying it will take way less. Planning for our future trip back is something I've already started!

Edrisa and I
Edrisa and his Fanta

Kids are Kids no matter where 


We painted their personal boxes,
so they would have a save place to keep their treasure.
Each older child has 2 or 3 littles that they will share their box with. These children understand the importance of sharing, and caring for other. It blesses my heart to see the generosity of children who do not have everything, yet willing to give so much.

my mom doing what she does best, teaching and loving on children and other teachers.

we took a day of rest and visited Lake Mburo National Park 

check out those horns. Check out the heart on her head, check out the baby checking us out.

I got to paint decorations for the new baby home

my mom might have fallen in love

children ARE a gift from God.

Saying goodby is NEVER easy

Someone was reading her new book.

new pillow cases sewn and donated by Gigi <3 

in all my glory, overalls, plaid shirt, paint up to my elbows.


after church on Sunday we all piled into 1 vehicle and went for sodas- yes 1 vehicle, you count :)

Everyone loves a Stoney <3 a Strong Ginger soda.- so good.
 If you would like to donate to this baby home, you can do so through our blog,  Donate button or you can visit and choose to donate monthly, or even a days worth of milk for the kids. You will be surprised at how far a "dinner out" will go when changing these lives.  It costs about 130$ a month for each child-  that might be a little steep for your budget, and I get that, but you can choose a smaller amount to donate, and working together we can achieve our goal of fully supporting Edrisa, and ultimate every child in this home.

I am so grateful that we had this opportunity to visit and serve in anyway we could... I cannot wait to return- more painting is on the agenda- the walls will be plastered soon, and they will need huge colourful murals- I'm starting to plan that trip already!

I hope you know how much I appreciate all of you who donate to download, and those who give to help support Edrisa, and his brother's and sisters...

Share the love,

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