Monday, January 20, 2020

2 Weeks Out.

We are two weeks out from packing up and heading back to Uganda. This time I am travelling with my Mom. What an awesome experience, I cannot wait.

Guess what, we will be going back to see Edrisa, the little guy that OUR blog supports. Every time you donate a 'dollar to download', it goes in the Edrisa account, and that money goes to making sure he has things he needs. It's an honour to get to facilitate our giving to this little guy.

He was about two and a half when I got to meet his little frowny face and I basically fell in love. That was 5 years ago, how am I ever going to survive his little 7 year old face? I am not sure I am prepared for this, but then again, can we ever truly be prepared for something like this?

I will be updating on my instagram account, if you'd like to follow along, my hubby has warned me I need to be updating regularly because he is not going with me this time, and he wants to make sure all is well. If you already follow me on instagram, you'll know I am leaving behind my tiny furry friend and that will be a stretch for me... but I can do it!

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I've included this beautiful quote in honour of Martin Luther King, Jr. on this day of celebrating his life, his teachings, his love, and his radical movement that is still changing the world... we will get there with love.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr... as we celebrate him today...
The time is always right to do what is right...

©LostBumblebee 2020 MDBN free printable, Martin Luther King Jr. the time is always right to do the right thing, personal use only
©LostBumblebee 2020 MDBN free printable
 Martin Luther King Jr.
Personal Use Only

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