Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Yikes. Dinner Party?

A dinner party? What? who me? I'll go, but will I host... um... nope- Do you throw dinner parties? Does it give you stress? Knowing that we are to share our table and break bread with our community, that's what makes us community... how do you measure up? ha! I don't even register on the measuring tape for this one!

I've always enjoyed living just far enough away from friends and family that it took a phone call to say 'we are on our way over', which gave me at lest 20 minutes to get the house in "order".

If you have every felt any stress over the perfect table setting, a full course meal, and the rest of the hoopla- now is your time- Let freedom ring!  Val over at ZenShmen has a pretty awesome post that is encouraging and freeing... I know you will love it! Feel the freedom of The Crappy Dinner Party, and rejoice!

After reading her article, I was inspired- we are in the throws of moving to a new town, we will end up meeting new people, and at some point we will have them over- I'm going to implement a few of the techniques in Val's article to help me get over the hurtle of having to have everything just perfect- and instead, I'm going to enjoy the company leave my worries behind.

Below you'll find an encoring verse about breaking bread with glad and sincere hearts, with family and friends, in our homes... Val's article will inspire you to just do it...

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