Thursday, April 5, 2018

In the mean time... coffee me.

Patience... my word for the year, to me means waiting, waiting, waiting. I do however think this is a great word to follow last years word, which was trust (another doozy), because when you trust, you wait, and this year, now that I have that trusting thing down (ha! will we ever truly have that trust thing down?) Patience is next on the list. There may be a hint of sarcasm floating through my words here... but I digress

I am in no way shape of form good at waiting... if things take too long, I do them myself, if I have to wait too long, I make other plans... but this year, it is as though everything that is coming down the pike, is off in the distance, all set in place... but must be waited for... so now we wait.

What am I suppose to do in the waiting?How do I fill this time, or do I fill the time? Am I just suppose to be? Sit still, Wait? Yup. That's what I am getting... just go on and do the normal things, get up, do your day, know that all will be well, and that everything in perfect timing is on its way... patience buttercup, patience.

Well if that is where I am at, and it is... then Coffee Me! because I've got other stuff to do, and this waiting feels like an elephant sitting on my neck, so at least let me cry in my coffee cup, while I wait...

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  1. I think it's lovely that you share free printables. I also find designing a lovely creative outlet and it's fun to share and have others make use of them for sure :) My best to you! -linda aka



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