Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Do I believe the Hype? + Happy Birthday To Me!

So according to studies, I'm getting old. Not studies on me, but rather on our feminine reproductive organs... by the time you are 38, you're uterus is basically a dud... all your good eggs are dead, and all that is left, is well duds... Oh and let's not mention the craziness of hair loss, weight gain, wrinkles and everything else they can throw in to scare the poop right out of you (oh and poop... ya, you'll probably never poop again!) This information used to scare me. It used to freak me out... and I'm kinda freaking out, that I am not freaking out.

Guess what... 38 is well-  just that, 38. It's a number, it's how long I've survived this crazy world of fear mongering and freak outs, love and laughter, chocolate and hugs, nieces and nephews, brothers (I got a few when I married my hubby) and sisters (my own partner in crime Sarah, plus I also collected a few more when my brothers all got married), my friends- my girlfriends, I'm not even sure this adequately describes these women who support, hold, up, pray for, and constantly bless me. It's been a sweet ride, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I wouldn't trade this body, these lines, my silver hair, or my experiences for anything... Living this life, not necessarily the one I had planned (read more), but the one that was planned for me- has given me the ability to trust, rest and rely on God to know... I don't need to know... He knows.

My mom always tells me when I'm feeling frustrated and I'm going on, and on...
 "but God, why, why me, why us... I'd really like to know!!"
She always tells me;
 "hun, you are on a need to know basis -and you just don't need to know."

So today for my birthday my wish is this... God whatever you have for me, whatever you have for us, give me the confidence to boldly go, boldly take that step, boldly believe and boldly trust in you... all the days of my life. With each passing day, and each passing year, this gets easier, less complicated, more simple, and very rewarding... Because God is good... always. 

So Happy Birthday to me! and to all of you celebrating today with me... Today is a GOOD day to have a GOOD DAY! Share the love, and your life lessons...

PS. apparently someday soon, in our 40's ladies... our upper bodies actually become larger than our lower bodies?? SERIOUSLY?

and what is this little nugget of gold?

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  1. Happy Birthday to one of my most cherished friends! I hope your dreams come true, that you have a lot of fun and that you continue to be blessed!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3



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