Friday, October 18, 2019

Creativity, Consistency, and Courage?

Another word for creativity is courage... I read that recently on a friends business card, I thought to myself- how have I never seen this before? I fancy myself someone who is pretty observant-  however I could possibly oblivious to so many thing around me, and I just have no idea- But I digress.

I wrote this blog post a long time ago for my hubby's blog, he no longer blogs... But of course I keep my files, because I am a digital hoarder. (Oh my gooooodness! that is a real thing. I know a guy. Seriously- it gives me anxiety just thinking about "owning" that much digital clutter) Again, I digress...

I wanted to share, because I believe that not only is creativity about consistency, but also about collaboration, and courage. Today I want to encourage you, it takes COURAGE to openly share stuff... to take on a new project you've never done. I'll be starting a new project, and it's going to take great courage on my part to not get myself overwhelmed by how big it actually is-  BIG for me might be tiny in your world- but no matter how big or small our work may be, it takes courage to share it, to put ourselves out there and let people decide if they like it or not... that takes courage.

I take great solace in that old saying "30% will like it, 30% won't like it, 30% won't care..." and that last 10 % I don't know what they are going to do, but either way... does it actually matter?

Take a read, I'd love to know your thoughts!

I’m sure you are looking for a wonderful fairy dust laden image of what creativity is. First let me tell you what it is not. Creativity is not unicorns farting rainbows*, (and thank God, because I haven’t seen one of those in a long time- and nope, I won’t tell you the last time I did see one). It isn’t a high that you go on and come down from. Creativity is synonymous, in my opinion, with consistency. The more you do, (it can be anything, writing, drawing, hand lettering, creating graphics, thinking outside the box, mathematical equations -anything) the more creative you will be. By doing, it’s as if you are winding-up a clock, if you windup a clock, it will tick. It is the same for us as creatives. If you are consistently winding-up your creativity, it will tick, you will tick, and ultimately you will create.
Personal experience has been a great teacher, it has taught me; the more you share, the more you will have. I love this quote by Anne Frank; “No one has ever become poor by giving.” I believe this relates truly to ideas, creativity, and love. You cannot out give the ever flowing fountain that lives inside of you. You create this fountain by consistently doing. It bubbles up and will run over freely. Give it. 
Creativity lives in a world of collaboration, not competition. Don’t compete with others, collaborate with them. Don’t hide what you are doing, share it. Find someone who you truly admire and ask to work with them on something. It doesn’t have to be a famous person, it can be a friend, colleague, relative, neighbour, even your kid. This collaboration thing, this one, this is hard one. We aren’t taught this in life, we are taught to look out for number one. Collaboration, I have had to learn, and it has been a journey. But now, I try to share everything. Trying to one-up everyone else in the entire world is absolutely exhausting! (<- what a great way to drain creativity). Remember there will always be someone above you, and someone below you. So don’t hate- Collaborate!
Creativity is stifled while you are waiting for the Unicorn to fart Rainbows, but grows in consistency. Creativity vanishes when you don’t share, but thrives in giving. Creativity cries when you compete, but lives in Collaboration.
3 Things to Remember: 
Creativity lives in Consistency. Creativity lives in Giving. Creativity lives in Collaboration. 

Today I will include a 4th thing to remember...
Creativity takes courage.
And you my friend are courageous.  I've included a print to help remind us all, especially me, creativity takes courage... be courageous today and CREATE!

Share the love,
LostBumblebee ©2019 MDBN Creativity and Courage Free Printable for Personal use Only
LostBumblebee©2019 MDBN Free Printable for Personal Use Only.

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