Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pretty Quiet- Update.

I've been pretty quiet on the blog... amidst all of the amazing excitement of getting my book ready for print- my proofs arrive end of February- not sure I can wait, but alas... waiting is one thing I do well... for a time ;)

We are in Transition... transitions are hard, but exciting... and we've been here before, my brain says... "you've got this... we know how it goes", and my heart says, "Oh my gooooodness- why????". 
We are transitioning back to Canada... like forever? for a time? where in Canada? Canada is a big place... I have no answers.  

Amidst the transition, I'm dealing with some serious grief... it's overwhelming, it sweeps up and catching me off guard, like heat in my body, then tears... it has to do with feeling unsettled, babies, and realising that 40 is coming, and well we all know what we've been told about 40- it's all down hill from here... nice society, nice.  

Even though I am following a dream to write and illustrate, I am grieving a dream to be a mom...

I cannot explain how it feels, some of you know these feelings, and some of you don't. No matter how hard I try, I won't be able to explain these feelings, because I can barely figure them out for myself.

Through all this stuff... the tears, the fears, the excitement, the transition... I'm learning patience... still trusting, and still waiting. 

I wonder if waiting is the name of the game. 

I wonder if what matters is during the waiting-  

What we do in the waiting may be what is most important... do we let the waiting dictate the doing, or do we continue living / thriving in the waiting... How do we make sure that our attitudes are good, how do we make sure that our heart are soft and not hard... how to we ward off disappointments... how to we stay calm, and peaceful, when anxiety and fear of the unknown want to take over?

I'm living in the waiting, creating, working, dreaming, and believing that all will work out, and all will be well...

These words were shared with me this week, from Sarah Young's devotional, Dear Jesus:

"Bring me your restless heart, and wait while I speak peace into its depths - stilling the troubled waters of your soul.”

From the verse, Mark 4:39 "... Peace be still..."

I hope that wherever you are in your life... this speaks to you,

Share the love,

©2018 LostBumblebee MDBN Printable Bible Mark 4:39 Free Printable Personal Use Only
©2018 LostBumblebee MDBN
Bible Mark 4:39
Personal Use Only

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