Friday, December 8, 2017


There really is no place like home for the holidays, this year we will be back in Canada celebrating in the cold weather with our families, and I cannot be more excited.

Does the excitement of Christmas leave you feeling a huge letdown after the holidays? does the lead up meet or match your expectations?

I have a trick for myself, because I generally have a real let down after the holidays are done, I feel like it didn't meet my expectations, and I feel disappointed. I am sure, I am not the only one.

What I do, I write out a list of expectations.
(I know, sounds funny, sounds kinda dumb, but it works for me.)
My list for this year is shaping up a little something like this:

1. Hot cocoa with my mom and my sister, talking.
2. Duy and I going for a walk in the snow
3. Dinner with Dad and Joy (she is an awesome cook, and her table always looks gorgeous)
4. Early Christmas with Duy's Family, a night of laughter and chaos,  our nieces and nephews giggling
5. a special Christmas drink at Starbucks
6. Drive with my dad looking at Christmas lights
7. My mom coming for Christmas
8. A coffee with My sister-in-law
9. Time to sit and reflect
10. decorating our tree
(I am not sure where we will be, but I can generally find a tree to decorate, hopefully we will have one this year)
11. Hallmark Christmas movies, as many and as often as I can
12. Walking Macy (my sisters dog) with my niece in the snow
13. Making morning breakfast of toast and eggs, and coffee <3 
14. Put together A new Christmas puzzle

15... and the list goes on, it's simple, nothing extraordinary, but everything is special to me.

When the holidays are over, and I start to feel like I've missed out, that I didn't do enough-  I look back over my list, and I check of all of the things we did that I had hoped for, and are now accomplished, and my heart tells my head to be quiet, we are full... our heart is full and we know it.

How do you manage the boxing day let down? how do you make sure your feel like you have had a wonderful holiday, without the stress of feeling like you didn't do enough?

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LostBumblebee ©2017 MDBN Chalkboard Advent Calendar 2017 4x6in  Free for personal use only
LostBumblebee ©2017 MDBN Chalkboard Advent Calendar 2017 4x6in  Free for personal use only

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