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Ack, I'm homesick. I feel sad, frustrated, annoyed, antisocial, and lonely. I miss Timothy the dog, I miss my nieces and nephews, I miss the crazy loud Nguyen family (although I do hear lots of noisy Vietnamese people right here in my own apartment. Who knew the Vietnamese were loud a people? I always thought it was just Duy's family, apparently it's all of them! and it's awesome!)

I miss my mom, I don't live close to her - but knowing that she was just an hour flight away had a calming effect, I could go anytime... I miss my dad, 3 hour drive, I can do that solo and hang out... My sister, her hubby and kids... I miss them all! AND that doesn't even get into the fact that I miss things, I miss my mugs, I miss my favourite chair, my books, the blue skies, the fresh air, the familiarity...  I even miss how the dust dances across the sun shining in my windows.

It's crazy what you miss... I mean I am in communication with everyone, but it just isn't the same... they are just that much further away, and I miss them...

Today isn't going to be the only day I am homesick... it'll happen over and over and over again, and somedays I'll entertain it, and somedays I won't... today I am entertaining these thoughts... But I'm also keeping in mind that Home is where you make it.

In order to make this my home, I bought a new couch... looks an awful lot like my couch at home... same colour exactly - and it makes me happy just to see it. I'm on the hunt for a new mug, OR I'm going to take a pottery class and make one, that will kill two birds with one stone. We've found a church that is full of amazing people who are fast friends and we've become part of a new church community. I'm signed up to be a seller at a Christmas Bazaar. I'm getting up my nerve and energy to have a few people over for a CreativiTEA Party-bring the stuff you are working on, and lets have tea, cookies, conversation and create! (and that tea, will probably end up being coffee - cause, well, you know me.)

So I'm trying to carve out a new life here. Is it easy? No. Do I spend way too much time on Facebook trying to keep up with all of my friends from home? Yes. Will that change? Probably not. Will I be ok? Absolutely. Will I be ok today? Well, let's just say I will survive-

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LostBumblebee ©2016 MDBN, Lostbumblebee, Home is where you make it, Printable Home Decor, Donate to Download, Personal Use Only,
LostBumblebee ©2016 MDBN Personal Use Only 


  1. I don't think I ever asked what prompted the move to Vietnam and when you place on heading back to North America. Love the little people you've created there and the additions to the Etsy shop!! Keep smiling. Keep creating!

    1. AH... well the Hubby got a contract to work here - and we couldn't really pass up the opportunity to come and live in the country he was born it- so we jumped at the opportunity- And here we are :) It all happened really fast... like early feb, and we left late march... it was kinda a crazy whirlwind. We will be here until early 2018 (or so that is the plan!) Enjoying it - a lot... but somedays are hard... <3 Thanks for asking !



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