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Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book- REVIEW

This is a book review of an adult colouring book.
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Live Loved: An Adult Colouring BookCraft God’s Word Into Your Heart Through Creative Expression

By Margaret Feinberg

The concept of this colouring book is to help us understand the great love of God the Father towards us, His children. This book is a beautiful selection of scriptures to help you memorize, ponder, and mull over the knowledge of God's great love for us.  
I really like the concept and the idea behind this book, the journal aspect is very nice. It is laid out, (when you open your page), the left side of the book is the scripture, and a place to journal your thoughts. On the right side is that same scripture again, in a calligraphic font- outlined, surrounded by flora and fauna. The book has a very continuous flow, so if you’d like to frame a grouping of your final images it would look nice together.
Part of me feels like the artwork in this colouring book lacks passion and creativity. Being an artist myself, I felt like I was colouring generic artwork. I felt like the art was not necessarily reflective of the scriptures. There were lots of flowers and wreaths- which can be lovely, but I felt like the images looked more traced than created for colouring. Some of the pages had very small details which means you’ve got to keep those pencils very sharp, or just colour outside of the lines. 
Adult colouring books are all the rage, I’m a huge fan of adult colouring, it’s an amazing way to shut off your brain, tap into the quiet places of our soul, and just be. I do feel like this book accomplished its goal of a journal / colouring book. Do I think it is the most creative colouring book out there? No. Will I continue to use this book? Probably not. That is not to say this book is uninspiring, I feel this book is a good place to start your adult colouring journey. It is simple and elegant and will guide you into meditating on the scriptures and understanding how to Live Loved. 

I love the concept of 'living loved'... knowing you are loved, which enables you to live... really live. The scriptures in this book do just that, they lead and guide you into an understanding of just how loved you truly are. We live in a world that likes to tell us we need to lose weight, eat better, wear more makeup, wear less clothes, more clothes, wear this, buy that... we are assaulted on a daily bases with not being good enough. Marketing targets women, most of the time, to keep us insecure and doubting, maybe if i bought this mascara I'd look like her... therefore feel like her... therefore be beautiful, loved, successful... and the list goes on.

At the bottom of it all, you are fully loved, you, exactly as you are... YOU are loved... This colouring book is a fantastic compilation of scriptures that remind you that no matter what... you are totally and fully loved. Nothing you can do will make your Father in heaven love you anymore than He already does...

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  1. I have turned the pages on adult coloring books, but that seems as far as it goes for me.



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