Friday, January 22, 2016

For Granted to Gratitude

Throw back to Grandma's house and a time when everybody had one of these signs... I guess I got a little nostalgic there for a minute and really wanted one in my house... couldn't find one that I liked -so I made this one, and thought I'd share it!

What is your mantra, or thought process when you are cleaning your home, tidying up after others, or even yourself (I'm the main messy culprit here for making messes- I get all excited to start a project and then I start, and I keep adding to my collection of supplies, then I get side tracked or have to get back to work work... putting supper on, loading or unloading the dishwasher... laundry - ps, I am still doing laundry from our Uganda trip, can you believe that?! ya, me neither...can you say major side track?)

What are the words you speak over your home are they positive words of appreciation?
I thank you that I have clothes, to put in the washing machine that we are so blessed to own...

or negative;
I can't believe this guy, who raised him- seriously how hard is it to put your socks in the hamper... oh these kids they have so much and they don't appreciate any of it, I hate laundry...

Change your words, speak gratitude and appreciation and see how things will change... After spending 5 weeks in Uganda and brushing our teeth with bottled water because there is no such thing as clean drinking water there... no matter how clean you think it is, if you drink it, you will get sick...
every time I turn on the faucet here in Canada I whisper a prayer of thanksgiving. There is so much stuff I take for granted...

So print this sign, frame it, and every time you see it, whisper a prayer of gratitude for the roof over your head and the people you share it with... Every time you walk by it and whisper it,  He hears...

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  1. I often read the Doctors Without Borders blog(s) and they bring home to me, that we take for granted what those in third world (or lower sometimes) do not have. Good medical care, clean water, pharmaceuticals and a government who bends over backward to help us. I do not know how the people there, that write the blogs can go back again and again. I know I do not have the fortitude to do that.

    1. Hi Holly, it definitely takes a certain kind of person... I know for me, the hardest part was comparing here to there and vice versa... it took a little while to look and live in the situation 'as it is' and not compare... but instead to look, learn and listen to the people, and actually see how they live... it is amazing. I learned so much about life while we were in Uganda... in comparison to home, sure there were amenities that i missed greatly... (like not fighting the cockroaches for a the shower... a HOT shower anytime i wanted, the washing machine- I had to learn to wash my clothes by hand- I've never had cleaner clothes in my life... I cooked outside on a charcoal stove... it was incredible...) I also learned to live in the moment... not to plan too far in advance and just enjoy whoever I was with- to take moments to look around and just see the beauty... and to smile- a lot. It is true, the need is great for clean water and medical care- I appreciate those people who go and donate their time and energy to help make these are real possibility...
      Thanks for sharing!



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