Friday, February 13, 2015

How Much Wood, Would a Woodchuck... donate. Just $1!

I am in full force up and running with my new "Dollar Donate to Download" campaign. I've always had a donate button, and I really appreciate those who have donated... I also know that donating maybe just a buck, feels insignificant sometimes- but it is not, every dollar counts.  So in order for everyone to feel at ease, (and me too, because sometimes when people ask for a donation, I give nothing instead of just giving a dollar,  because I feel like it's not big enough- But it is. I am asking for a dollar a download, no more... just 1 dollar. And I myself have made a commitment from now on, if I can only give a dollar when someone asks me for a donation, I will give that dollar, because every dollar counts. I didn't realize the truth behind that until I started this journey of Living Life On Purpose. 

And yes I am shamelessly promoting this, because the funds do not go to me... they go to children whose smiling faces flood my dreams at night. They are going to children I cannot wait to meet, to play with, to hear their stories, to share my art, and to open my heart too. I am overwhelmed with love for these little people I have never met.

We are working on our wish list for larger donations, at the moment we would love to take soccer balls and air pumps, as well as some badminton equipment and a few more things. I might also looking for a sponsor who would like to join with me to create t-shirts for all of the children (I know I will be working up until the day we leave) there are 73 children (!).

Along this journey or preparing, my commitment to you, is that I will continue to create great quality art and prints that I would be proud to display in my own home, and I would be proud for you to display in your home as well. If you have any scriptures, or sayings, that you'd like to see in a print, please let me know! I'd love to see what I can come up with... Let's Create Together!

But for now, I will leave you with another sweet Woodchuck, because I think I love them! and how much wood, would he chuck? that is always the question, and my response remains the same- no idea.

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LostBumblebee ©2015 WoodChuck 2 :: DONATE TO DOWNLOAD :: Personal Use Only
LostBumblebee ©2015 WoodChuck 2 :: DONATE TO DOWNLOAD :: Personal Use Only
LostBumblebee ©2015 WoodChuck 2 :: DONATE TO DOWNLOAD :: Personal Use Only

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