Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gift Idea!

In case you need the perfect last minute gift for someone, I thought I'd share...

A Seasonal Frame:

1.Choose 4-5 printable from different seasons (christmas, new years, easter, Canada Day, Indepence Day, thanksgiving, etc.)
2. Print them off and put them all in 1 frame- make a little note that explains this is a seasonal decoration, it comes with festive prints for each season.

This makes a great gift for teachers, dance teachers, bus drivers, mail carriers, co-workers (because this awesomeness gets to sit on their desk all year long!)

You can do this with :

1. Seasonal Prints
2. Inspirational quotes
3. kids stuff (great for new parents)
4. Coffee Prints (for us coffee lovers, yes please!)

LostBumblebee ©2014 Seasonal Frame Gift Ideas #LostBumblebee
You've still got time to do this tonight for your kids teacher's tomorrow :) 
Links for the above prints:
Valentines: Wood You be Mine?
Easter: On a Hill Far Away.
July 4th: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
Thanksgiving: Eat Drink and be Thankful
Thanksgiving / Christmas : Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas
Christmas: Oh Holy Night


  1. Of course, I LOVE this idea – it's actually one of the main ways I freshen up the house every season... Using EasyGallery® changeable frames! (I hope you'll take a peek to see how they work.) It takes about two seconds to mat + frame a new print, and you can store a dozen+ prints in the back pocket. Ridiculously easy to switch out for the holidays!

    1. Oh thank you, I'm going to go check them out :)
      There is a POCKET in the back? Sweet!


  2. P.S. I've got a long list of your fun prints waiting to be printed once my Epson's back on it feet. Loving your calendar set, too!

    1. I just checked out your website -
      ohmygoodness- I'll be needing a few of these :)



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