Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Sometimes it's best to just tell the truth. I am trying to get my stuff in order before I head off on a solo adventure. OMG- 11 Days, Prague, to hang with my Bestie and My Godson. I am super. duper. off the charts excited (!).

But the lead up to the take off is always an anxious runway for me.  (Ha- my airplane humour kills me!)

I tend to worry about: the hubby, want the house clean, need to finish 3 Family Portraits (yup 3!) and send them before I go, I am co- hosting a conference this weekend (Saturday all day, I leave Sunday- What was I thinking?!) I have to finish work for the conference- My belief is when you host something go above and beyond - so I'm adding my magic LostBumblebee touch to everything I touch, WHICH takes lots of time, energy, love and creativity :) BUT it's almost ready and I am super excited!

So on that note, I am going to leave you with this little bit of truth... it is partly true, I find myself burying my nose online trying to just breath and relax, the anxiety comes because I know my floors need sweeping, my dishwasher needs unloading, my bathroom needs cleaning, paintings need painting and my bags need packing- and here I am writing a blog post and creating- 'cause I love you guys :)

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LostBumblebee ©2014 OFFICIAL NOTICE Free Printable - Personal Use Only.

LostBumblebee ©2014 OFFICIAL NOTICE Free Printable - Personal Use Only.



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